Fuse upgrade for M700s, SGCD, P3?

Hi everyone

Is there anybody here have upgraded the fuses for M700s, SGCD, and the Stellar P3?
if Yes then what are the fuse recommendations you can suggest and how are they improving the sound quality of entry system
My system consists of:

  • SGCD
  • M700s
  • Stellar P3
  • Pro-ject Turnatble with Otofon 2M blue → Pangea phono RCA → iFi signature phonostage → Audioquest Diamond RCA → SGCD
  • DAC → Mackenzie XRLs (0.75m) → SGCD
  • SGCD → Mackenzie XRLs → M700s (0.6m)
    all Pangea AC9-SE Mk II signatures from M700s to Stelalr P3
    AC14SE from SGCD to P3
    2m Pangea AC9-SE Signature from the wall to the P3 input
    Speakers: Monitor Audio Gold 200 <–> Audioquest Rockets 33 biwire to M700s

Synergistic Research “PURPLE” fuse for anything and everything.
Front end gear, amps, etc. ALL benefit from fuse upgrades.

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Have you tries these fuses and how do you feel after upgrade,

BTW, which type of fuse to be used, fast blow or slow blow on your system?

Do we need to replace the stock fuse by PSA components with the purple fuses ? or just the powerplant P3 is enough?

I check the prices on the Synergistic Research website, seem a crazy price. are they wortth their money?

Thank you

In my experience, fuses can make a nice difference in the sound of a component. But the difference is not predictable from component to component. For example, I hear no difference in my line stage preamp or my phono preamp. But in my transport and dac, the improvements are easy to hear.
I use Synergistic fuses. The discount offered by VH Audio and others on the Orange makes them less painful to buy.
I would say that fuses should be one of the last things that you spend money on in your system.


Did you figure out the correct Purple fuse for the Stellar P3?

The P3 manual does not provide fuse details.

I think we need to check with @jamesh for this info
But i remember on Ask Paul video , he once explained the slow burn is used for the power amp, power regen since they are pumping lot of current at peak then slow down, fast brun fuses are mainly used for DAC, preamp which is not much current required

All fuses are 5mmX20mm

All Values are in Amps and are for 120V countries

BHK Pre: 2H (Fast)
BHK 300: 2H (Fast) Rails: 10 Slow
DSD: 1T (Slow)
PST: 1.6T (Slow ) The Fast is will blow easily , taken from experience and approved by James
Stellar Phono: 1.6H (Fast)
P5: 5T (Slow)

stellar P3 ?
M700s ?


I do not have any other values off hand. Perhaps others do and will post them.

The safest way to be sure of each fuse value is to look at the sticker with the fuse specs that is affixed right next to the fuse holder on every PS Audio component.


From memory, GCD 230v version uses T 1 amp @250v. M700s do not have any user replaceable fuses and I never bothered to open them to check.

All of our products use slow blow fuses for the AC in. The only fast blow fuses we use are on the BHK amps which are the rail fuses.

For 230V, GDAC uses a 1A and the P3 uses a 1.6A. M700s are not user replaceable.


Does the 230V 1.6A also apply to a 120V P3?

For clarity - what is the current rating for a 120V P3 fuse?

5mm x 20mm
Slow Blow
? current rating ?


Here’s what I see on the PS Audio website for the P3

For 120V, it’s 2A Slow Blow that’s 5x20



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I just pulled the trigger for two UEF Purple Fuses 5 X 20mm (.75") slow burn, one 1AH for SGCD, one 1,6AH for the Stellar P3, both cost 400 bucks not include the tax and ship yet. Hope this help to make the sound better than its better before
Or at least i can talk to myself that i’m owning a “audiophile” fuse :slight_smile:

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That’s a chunk of change for two fuses, but if they work as advertised it will be worth it.

Let us know how they work out.

I don’t know, not having them yet, but it may sound better or worse, let’s see.

Just re-consider and cancel the fuses order.
pay more $270 to get the AQ Water XLR to upgrade the Mackenzie from the DAC to SGCD, it makes more sense and notice the changes than go for the fuse path.
I think at the level of P3 and SGCD the purple fuse may not contribute much to SQ improvement, BHK line may worth upgrading than the entry level.

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The beauty of owning a Hi-Fi system is there is always something to spend money on.

I ordered a Purple fuse for my P3 from VH Audio ($200 to my door) and should have it within a couple of days.

This thread gave me the information needed - Thanks