Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuse....WOW

For years I’ve been reading positive things about after market boutique fuses. Last week I finally took the plunge and ordered just one Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum fuse for my PS Audio BHK preamp since it only has 1 fuse.

All I can is HOLY CRAP! Like I said I’ve been reading positive reviews for years but I was not prepared for what I heard. C’mon it’s just a fuse. Anyway The soundstage was wider, had more depth and more height. Voices were more realistic and depending on the recording It was like they are in the room. Everything just seems better and this with only one fuse upgrade.

I plan to do the same with my BHK 300 mono blocks but at $150 a fuse and each amp has 6 fuses I’ll start with the”Mains” fuses as there are only 2 per amp. There are 4 “Rail” fuses per amp but that will come at a later date depending how the fuses for the “Mains” go.

So the big question is…has anyone else have the same experience with after market fuses and what was the fuse and the component you replaced the fuse?

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I just ordered 4 Synergistic Research BLUE Quantum Fuses for my BHK 300 mono’s mains since I love what I’m hearing with the same fuse in my BKH Preamp. The rails will come at a later date when funds permit.

My question to those that have the same is which direction do you have the fuse facing? SR writing going into the amp or SR writing going away from the amp and into the fuse holder.