Gabriel Mervine's Say Something the latest Octave Records release

Yes - download.

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Thought about downloading it as well…but wanted the liner notes
and wasn’t sure if these came with the download as well…

Sounds like a really good recording…I’m sure you will enjoy it a lot!

According to my records about 500 or so fellow enthusiasts. It’s a killer recording. We only have 1000 copies.

Paul McGowan | CEO800-PSAUDIO
Boulder, Colorado


Can’t wait for my copy to arrive…

I’m in (SACD).

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Just did the download. Fantastic recording!! The sound is as good as it comes. The DSD version is way better than the PCM. The 192k 24bit sounds like it is a recording made from the DSD, a little more washed out I’m afraid. But the DSD, all I can say is WOW!!

I ordered it immediately after the email was received


I downloaded it. For a local jazz quartet this is a very pleasant listen with enough variation in tempo and arrangement to sustain it. The percussion is too dominating at times and drowns out the trumpet, so the highlight for me was the Louis Armstrong classic at the end, When it’s Sleepytime Down South. The recording is quite laid back and certainly the percussion comes across well, piano and bass are a bit congested. There was a nasty hash coming out of the right channel for most of two tracks (If I Had You and the next one) and from a minute into another.

There is effectively no metadata or album notes with the download, the only information given are the track titles and principal artist. No biography and nothing about the other three performers, the music, the recording location.

I listened on DSD64 and 24/192 PCM. My system converts DSD 64 to 40/384 PCM. No noticeable difference. I turned off the DSP when listening to this.

I’ve listened to some of Mervine’s other recordings on Qobuz and he certainly seems to me to be an accomplished trumpeter playing a wide range of styles and pays homage on his album “People”.

I purchased the download. Really great album and recording.

Will this get a wider release to Qobuz, Tidal etc so this release gets more exposure?

I downloaded mine about an hour ago. It took about 40 minutes, but DANG, it is well worth both the wait and the money.

I’ve listened on two systems and it has the same unpleasant sound coming through from the percussion (sounds like from the brushes on snare recorded with a Sennheiser 421 per the notes), kicks in on “But Not for Me” at about 1:12.

I heard the same thing both on my Samsung G6 atmos tablet and
HP laptop.

It possibly sounded like brushes on snare…will have to wait till my
sacd arrives…my Arias will resolve this for sure.

Makes me wonder how this sounded in music room 1.

Strange that with so much attention and expertise going into the
creating of this album that in the track you refer to Sleepy Time Down
South that the piano and bass are bit congested along with “nasty hash”
wasn’t caught and corrected before release.

Will be listening for these anomalies when my sacd arrives plus the others
you made mention of as well.

Thanks stevensegal

Did you download the work or is this from the MP3 samples?

On my system the snare sounds pretty spectacular. Maybe your tweeter? I’ll take the time today or tomorrow to go to that particular spot and see. Maybe I am just missing something.

I’ve spent some time checking. It’s not my speakers (Wilson, Raidho) and I’ve checked all formats. It’s definitely the brushes mic as the rest of the percussion is really good. My favourite track, the last one, has no percussion at all, so the piano and bass come across much bette and the whole track sounds really good.

Thanks. I think it’s the best we’ve yet done and I am thrilled with the sound quality and music.

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We haven’t any plans for streaming as one of our missions is to make sure musicians are paid for their work. It’s hard enough being a musician and trying to make a living at it. Streaming gives you exposure but no money. Our artists would rather make a living supporting their music than gain wider attention. It’s a trade off for sure.


I broke down and ordered the SACD. This is the first of the releases where the music interested me.


Gaining wider attention (Qobuz, Tidal etc) can help bring more people to live gigs (when things return to ‘normal’ again).

Live gigs with more people that know him will pay better than less live gigs with fewer people that know him.

The old way of thinking & doing things needs to be reviewed. To best help the artists.

With Qobuz Studio - people can buy too after they stream and enjoy it.

No, I tried every format from 24/44 to DSD 64, all 8 trilobytes of it. There’s nothing wrong with my tweeters, the Raidho ones in my office can be found in $250,000 speakers and I bought the speakers for the tweeter. The other speakers are Wilson.