See Somethin' with Octave

Gabriel Mervine’s latest Octave release…fine musicians, fine performances, fine sound quality (DSD256). Highly recommended.

Transients and richness particularly excel. The wood and the tip of the drum sticks are full and precise. As are the tautness and time course of sound of the drum skins and steel of the cymbals. Rim shots piercing sharp and the main cymbal rings. Mervine’s trumpet is 3D (in sound richness), the occasional raspy rich as well. His phrasing always the best. It’s always nice to get the longer sound and resonance of the bass body beyond the note struck.

Trumpet/snare/bass center stage, cymbals/guitar right stage. Begging for me another instrument for left stage placement, a second trumpet, piano, a sax for instance. Appropriately, the performer positions are consistent across the album.

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Thanks! This is high praise indeed. Thank you.