GainCell DAC and Oppo BDP-103 Remote Interference?

Here’s an interesting issue that’s popped up. Just replaced my Sprout that I was using as a pre-amp with a GainCell DAC. Everything works great except when I turn up the volume with the GainCell’s remote my Oppo BDP-103 starts skipping forward on the current track. Turning down the volume works normally. Is the GainCell’s remote using the same code for volume-up as the Oppo uses for skip forward? Anyone else had this issue?

Also looks like turning down the volume on the GainCell using its remote changes the input on a nearby Visio TV!

The most common problem with IR code overlap is with LG televisions.

Tested with an LG - no issues. Only causing a problem with my Oppo BDP-103D and Visio TV. Also seems to be limited to the volume up and down on the GainCell remote. Can work with the TV issue, but skipping forward on tracks is a real problem.

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Vizio as well, which was just the nudge needed to get my Sony OLED.


Anyone using a Oppo BDP-103 with a Gain Cell DAC? Any issues with remote code overlap?

No experience with the Oppo, I’m afraid. But for added context, I’ll say I’ve used my SGCD with drives from Rega, NuPrime and two different Marantz units without any issues with any of the remotes.

Yeah, this is weird. I’ve never encountered this level of code overlap myself before. So far every audio device and TV I’ve pointed the SGCD’s remote at reacts to it. I’ve asked PS Audio Support for assistance.

I have not heard of this before. Please let us know what you learn.

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I will. Wondering if could be an issue with the GainCell’s remote itself.

It’s not very likely that we’re be able to do anything. We aren’t able to change the code for our remotes. The thing that stinks is we’ve been using the same codes for over a decade.

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Oppo does provide different codes on their remotes
for just such instances…look in your Oppo’s manual
you should be able to find the how to there or
contact Bob Pariseau over on avs forum

He is the Oppo guru he can also be of help

Best wishes

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I’m wondering @jamesh if there could be an issue with the remote itself. Never seen one that overlapped every device in the house. So far 3 TV’s, 2 Oppos, a Cambridge transport and a Sony Blu-Ray.

I did try changing the code on the Oppo @davida but unfortunately it made no difference. Since its impacting every IR remote controlled device in the house I’m starting to think its something haywire in the remote itself. May see if I can buy a replacement from PS Audio to try.

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At least you gave it a shot…

Wish you the best DavidF

This strikes me as significant.

I know this sounds silly, but have you tried “rebooting” the remote by removing the batteries for a bit?


I have not @Elk , but I sure try it.

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IT WORKED!!! Thanks @Elk !




Great idea Elk!! Thanks! Never thought the word reboot would come before remote and work but that’s awesome!