General guidelines for selection of a PowerPlant product



I am wondering if there are any guidelines that you can point me to that provide some idea of which PowerPlant unit might work best with a specific amplifier? I have a Pass Labs X150.5. It puts out about 300wattr RMS into 4 ohms and in the spec’ sheet is states a max’ current capability of 18A and a voltage capability of 50V. Now I don’t think that the amp’ would be able to put out that much current and voltage at the same time but it might be able to put out high current at lower volts.

I guess what I’m asking is the P5 suitable for such an amplifier and would it also be able to provide power at the same time to a NUC PC (about 80 watts peak power) and a DSJ (not sure of the power requirements on that unit to be honest!). And it would be nice to have some overhead just in case I need to run more equipment in the future! If I can avoid buying a P10 then that would be good.

Any ideas / guidance?



The P5 can handle this but I would still lean towards the bigger P10 because the P5’s going to be at close to its limits depending on how you play the system. As you point out it’s unlikely you’ll ever use anything close to what the Pass can consume, but much then depends on your listening habits and speaker choice. If you’re set on not getting a P10, grab a 5 from us and give it a try. But, if it were me, I’d go for the 10.



Thanks for your response! I don’t listen at anywhere near the full potential of the unit. i think I’m getting up to 90dB in my room which means I’m not even moving the bias needle from class-A into class-B most of the time. The other thing is that in Australia, we are on 230v (actually that standard is rubbish, my AC input has been measured at 250v). So we get a bit more output from the powerplants than you poor guys in the USA on measly 120v :wink: I’d love to take you up on an offer to try a unit but it’s a 20 hour flight from my place.



Magenta’s pretty good about helping folks get it right. You might give Mike Kirkham a ring.



I’ll give him a call to talk it through with him.



Excellent. Let me know if I can help.