Missing Bridge

I upgraded my PWD2 to DirectStream but the DS does not recognize that a Bridge is installed. The lights on the Bridge are working, but the DS screen shows no indication that a Bridge is installed and you cannot switch to Bridge as an input. I thought I had upgrade the firmware on the Bridge to 2.15 BEFORE I moved it, but can’t be 100% sure at this point.

Any help? THANKS

You might try pulling the board out a bit and reseating it (turn off the DS first, of course). Also, can you access the Bridge’s webpage on your browser? If so you should be able to check its firmware version.

I think this will be hard when you don’t know the Bridge IP address to be put in your browser.

You might find it with Fing or via your router.

Did you upgrade you bridge to 0.2.15? A DS will not see a bridge with earlier code. You should be able to figure out the bridges IP addres from your router, then just type that address into a web browser to get to the web page. Then just update it to the lasted code.


I think I updated the code, but it was a while ago and I’m not 100% certain now. There is one device listed as connected in the router’s Connected Devices table, but it has no IP address; only the MAC address is listed. Don’t know if that could be the bridge, but also doesn’t give me a way to connect. I’ll try pulling out the Bridge and re-seating it.


I just figured it out. It was due to an IP address conflict. On a hunch, I shut down another device that I believe I assigned the same IP address to, and then re-booted the DS. Sure enough, the Bridge was back. Thanks for the feedback!