Getting new Memory Player-Precautions

I am getting a new Memory Player tomorrow via Fedex. Have two questions: 1) it is cold down here in tennessee and the unit would have been on a cold Fedex truck all day before it gets to me. I have read elsewhere that it is not a good idea to not just unbox and start playing a cold unit right away-appreciate any precautions I need to take here 2) about how many hours of break in is required with this unit

Thanks for any assistance here

Give it an hour or two to allow it to come to room temperature and for any condensation that may have formed to evaporate.

Peanut Butter gives good advice. As for breakin: Play the heck out of it for two weeks. It will probably sound better at the end of that than at the beginning. But it will sound good right from the start!

Thanks to Peanut Butter and Lonson for you helpful responses-much appreciated

Well congrats. I can’t imagine my life without my DMP now.

If you can resist temptation I would leave the DMP sealed in the box for a couple of hours to start to come up to temperature. Then open the outer and inner boxes but not open the plastic bag the DMP is in and let it warm up some more. This will limit moisture ingress. The reason for this, as Peanut Butter alluded to, when warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface condensation will form. Yes, it will dry out fairly quick, but better to not let it form on the DMP in the first place.