Giant Emoji

Mr. Elk, Sir … Instead a giant emoji, now there is a giant avatar and associated information. The text of the comment is normal size but is sometimes below the giant avatar and sometimes to the right (it seems only when the text is very short). I took a screen shot of this, but could not get it to paste or insert. If someone knows the secret of inserting a photo on an iPad I will add later. Also, on the main page which lists the 10 most recent posts, the “new” button on the right of each post is no longer a rectangular box, it is “New” in bold without the rectangular box. That’s not a problem, but it is different.

Very confusing layout on iPad, Same result with Chrome.

Not able to show screen grab, because add attachment button is missing.

Nuts. It appears iPads are having difficulty.

Windows appears fine. Paul uses a Mac and I understand this works fine. Are others with Apple desktops and laptops accessing the forum fine?

I do not normally access the forum on a phone, but I just checked and my Android based phone appears to work well.

Do iPhones also have a problem in addition to iPads?

Is there an ‘Insert/edit image’ button right above the area for typing posts on your screen?
I’ll attempt to post an image below (fingers crossed that it works):
[Image Can Not Be Found]

EDIT - It didn’t work …at least, not on my laptop with Windows. :frowning:

Apparently, the new IT person’s challenges aren’t over yet.

I have all the normal buttons on a Windows laptop.

SF, what are using for access. Others with issues seem to be all on iPads if I understand correctly.

My imac still misses add attachment button.

My display is thoroughly messed up when I view the forum on my iPad. Viewing the forum and composing replies are fine on Windows, except for the inability to add attachments.

Elk, when you reply to or compose a message, do you have the “Attachments” button below the editing window? (See my quote from the Help system in #37 above). We all seem to have the button on the toolbar, but it does not work.

I also do not have the attachments button. I did not not notice its absence. I also do not see an attachment button in the toolbar, just insert image and insert video.

Yes, it’s clearly missing the attachment button. I have put a request in with our IT lady but it was Sunday - and she was no doubt havinbg a well deserved rest. Hopefully she can get back on the case soon. Sorry guys. Sometimes the repairs cause more problems. Just the nature of the beast.

While IT is working on this issue would it be possible to have an icon to skip back to the top for selection of another area of the forum to browse?

I just figured out the plugin used for File Upload is not activated. I activated it and then I get an Access denied flag to the forums. Sigh. Better let someone who knows what they’re doing get involved.

lazbisme said While IT is working on this issue would it be possible to have an icon to skip back to the top for selection of another area of the forum to browse?
You should have an up arrow on the far right of every post next to the thumbs up/down buttons. Clicking on this arrow sends you to the top.

iPad users: can you please retest?

I believe the iOS theme is restored.

Thank you!

Just did a quick look but seems restored.

It looks like everything is back to the way it was. I did have to go back to the main PS Audio page and reselect the forum in order to get the main page to refresh properly, but now all is well. Don’t have time to explore right now, but if I find anything else I will pass on.

TEulberg, let me be the first to publicly proclaim:

We love you! circle-of-hearts-smiley-emoticon_gif

I can confirm that it works well now on iPad.

The Attachments button is also restored.

This is how it appeared on iPad (I am using an iMac with Safari to upload image).


But there is still a formatting problem. If you zoom out the attachment you cannot get rid of it in a normal manner because the X to close it is partly hidden under the login credentials at the upper right corner.

Also in my case the user designation on the left hand side reappear 3 times.