P10 ..... enquiry about top left screw on back of chassis

Hi … looking to use the chassis of the P10 as a grounding mechanism.
I want to remove the top left screw on the back of the P10 chassis to add a small washer to it so that I can put an earth wire between the washer and the chassis to provide a good earth connect between my 2 prong AV processor, i.e. no earth pin, and the P10, which does have an earth.

I presume this small screw on the back of the P10 screws into something on the inside the P10 so I don’t want anything to ‘fall’ should I remove the screw, to enable me to add the washer?

I’m experiencing an earth loop hum via my subwoofers connected to my processor so trying to eliminate the hum, which is why I’m trying to run the earth wire between the P10 chassis and the AV processor, to ground the processor.

Do you have any open outlets on the P10? Use a plug with only the ground terminal connected to a wire. The spades will keep the plug inserted tightly but with nothing connected internally of course no danger. Best ground available.

Great idea, but all 9 of my outlets are used.
I’m in the UK so 9 is all I get.

Thinking about it further, the screws along the top of the back chassis are probably only to ‘attach’ the back plate to the rest of the chassis.
There has to be screw threads on the other side of the chassis for the screws to screw into, so highly unlikely that there is anything to fall down on the other side, if the screw is removed temporarily?

Any of the PS Audio experts, Paul, elk, Jamesh, care to chip in here please?

Pretty sure now the row of top screws are just to attach the back plate to the chassis and removing the top left screw to add a washer , and then returning it, will do no harm.

This will allow me to get a good tight fit for the earth wire, to help remove my sub woofer earth loop hum.

There are no loose nuts inside the P10. We use inserted PEM nuts that are hard tied into the chassis so removing a screw won’t cause anything to fall inside.

Thanks Paul for the very quick response.

Just an update on my sub testing.

Prior to this thread I had my earth wire wrapped around a screw on my processer and the screw around the P10. This was fine for a small sub I had.
Just changed the sub out to a more powerful one and I was now getting a noticeable hum from the new sub.
After adding the washers to both screws on the processor and the P10 the hum has almost disappeared, very very slight now so the washers on the screws have made a big difference.
Useful if anyone else is experiencing this.

Note : I’m using a combined music / home cinema system with the P10 powering the majority of the equipment. The pre-amp has an av bypass function to allow me to use my stereo speakers as front left and right speakers in my cinema system.