A bazillion kids came. I was in a state of cute overload, hearts poppin all over me… Little adorable munchkins.
My favorite was a little sweetie who announced that she is “Cinderella”. How great that parents still read to their kids.
Happy Halloween.


We were overwhelmed this evening in a good way. Great to have the little ones visit. We went through more than 1,300 pieces of candy in 80 minutes and estimates are >1,100 children visited the neighborhood. Incident free as well other than a google of tired tots.


Our little visitors:


… a couple more



We had snow flurries and one trick or treater.

We had the snow as well, with minor accumulation on sidewalks and steps, which burnt off with a very late afternoon sun. They weather did not impede their enthusiasm.

Same here, except for the neighbor child we specifically invited. His parents brought him over after they came home from a friend’s party. Good thing we didn’t invest in a boatload of candy. Especially since I no longer have an office to take the leftovers to.


Adorable. In Maplewood village, the main street was closed to traffic and open to Halloweeners–hundreds of them. Long gone it seems are the days of a sheet with eyes cut out creating a ghost–in my case with a comical hat.

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My wife and I spent the evening at our downtown wine bar, going home only when it was safe enough to, about 8:30. Had a great time, great wine, and great company. Music sucked!

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One of our friends, and his daughter (10 ish) did Halloween the Old British way - they scared the living daylights out of their visitors, including many of the parents, crying kids and all.

It seems Britain is splitting in two - half go the “imported American” way with costumes that amuse and amaze, and the other half sticks with old fashioned European values - Turnip lanterns, genuinely horrible costumes, and no quarter for the scared, when the two cross paths it doesn’t always go well.

Not sure which is better really, me, I just like skeletons. Preferably anatomically accurate ones :slight_smile:

We had none, zero callers, so are now eating all the sweets…