Hancock River (The Joni letters) mistracking vinyl anyone?

I just bought a second sealed DLP of this album because the first distorted the piano at the second half of track one where it gets more prominent.

Unfortunately the brand new LP also doesn’t play clean. Both albums are EU versions (or at least bought there). As my cartridge tracks 100Mu I’m sure it must be a mispressing.

What I want to ask here is:
Is the US version playing clean, does anyone here have this one?

Could be a setup issue.

Have you re-checked VTF?
Is azimuth and VTA correct?

Is the piano distorting in a single channel, or both speakers? That could give a clue as to whether this is an anti-skating issue.

What table, arm and cartridge are you running?

Is the recording available in digital? You could see if the piano is just inherently recorded hot.

Thanks, see profile. As the cart tracks 100Mu and everything’s set perfectly it must be the pressing, digital doesn’t distort. Just trying to find out if there are clean ones. There are several other examples like this of vinyl mispreasings for a whole batch, mostly by major companies as here.