Skipping & interference via I2S into DSJnr?


Hi All,

I recently purchased a 2nd hand PWT & have connected it up to my DSJnr via a PS I2S HDMI cable (same as delivered with Memory Player via Magenta in Australia) & I have an issue of random interference/skipping?

At 1st it didn’t actually play at all but that could have been the I2S cable, which may not have been “fully in”! But then once it started playing it stopped & started a few times, skipping like a standard CD player which is strange as it plays from memory?

I then changed tracks & interchanged between ROON via the Bridge Vs Transport playing the same track & it really started to play up & the Ayre amp went into protection mode!!

I then changed out the CD & it’s not happened again so maybe a dodgy CD, dirty lens?? but it does concern me?

Any ideas?




My guess is it was the CD. Perhaps there’s something dodgy enough with that particular disc?


I suggest making a copy of the CD and checking if the copy exhibits the same problems.


Hi Paul & Elk,

Yup…must be a dirty or dodgy disc as I’ve not had any skipping or interference with any other disc…& whilst the same disc (Porcupine Tree’ Deadwing) did actually play last night, a few tracks in it did start playing up again…not to the point of tripping the Ayre into protection mode but there’s clearly something amiss with this disc.

I’ll give it a good clean &/or burn a copy & see if it plays, sounds like it should.

The CD artwork is a strange one…some of the most obscure albums seems to trigger the artwork but other more popular covers it can’t seem to find? The ethernet connection is quite a distance from the modem (approx 25mtrs of Cat 5) & via a 100pt switch, will that make any diff? It;s the same setup for the DSJnr with the exception of an optical media converter just in front of the DSJnr.



PS - a lovely musical, clean, clear as a bell transport!


Let us know if cleaning or copying works.


There are two good products that Mapleshade sells. Optrix for cleaning all CDs and Mickro Smooth, which is a polish. I think combined they cost me under $50.

I have been using the Optrix for years, with my old PSA Lambda transport, you could hear an improvement, but with the PWT I haven’t noticed that. Not surprised as the PWT is a more advanced unit, But you do get a totally clean CD.


Hi All,

I do have some special CD film remover that I’ll try tonight…played another 20 or so CD’s over the weekend & not one issue so must be a dirty CD…just so happens to be one of my favourites!




Success of sorts…I still have the occasional skip on the CD but other than track 1…the rest of the CS seems fine post treatment with Reveel

Hopefully that’s the end of this issue & only related to this CD.