As if there wasn't Enough Going On

May have to bug out. Not only do we have the largest wildfire in CO history 20 miles northwest of us (Cameron Peak Fire, 200k+ acres), we now have a couple of new ones as of yesterday immediately north and west of Boulder. Don’t fret - PS Audio should not be in danger, as it is east of Foothills Parkway. The studio in Lyons where Gus recorded Temporary Circumstances may be threatened - I’d imagine they are moving gear out as we speak. I’m currently just outside the Evac/Warning areas in northernmost Boulder.

The fire perimeter in the map above is the CalWood fire, and there is now a small one in Lefthand Canyon.


Oh, no. Be safe and good luck.

Mike in Dayton

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OMG…take care and stay safe!

Christ, thiinking of you all, that’s pretty scary stuff!

We’ve been living with a serious threat of fire for three days here in Estes Park! Some homes have been destroyed in The Retreat, a neighborhood on the north side of Glen Haven. That’s just northwest of here. Estes is “not out of the woods yet,” according to fire officials. You can see the flames from some some areas of town. Scary, very scary.

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Didn’t know that is where you are! Sheesh! I was going to say “when it rains, it pours”, but that sounds like wishful thinking. For perspective, spyman is here near the Big Fire:

Estes Park is about where the “34” sign is on this map. Our little fire down the Hill here (detail in the above map) is the “fire” emblem north of Boulder.

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Yep. We’ve been breathing smoke off and on since August when this thing got started. “Oh, it won’t get this far,” we thought. Right. Now it’s just a few miles away.

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Yeah - like when ‘your’ fire was over the other side of the ridge, and was 30k acres, and they said it couldn’t reach RMNP. Then in three days was over 100k acres, and had reached the Park.

Be careful and heed the warnings brother. Keep us informed.

Saw that on Saturday’s news feed and thought of those in Boulder. Wishing all in the Boulder and RMNF/Cameron Peak area the best. Hopefully the winds die down and you get some much needed precipitation.

Right! And now the forecast is calling for winds 25-35 mph with higher gusts possible tonight.

Be safe, and take care of all the people you can. You can always replace gear and houses. Will be praying for you all.

BIG hugz




Stay safe everyone.

Stay safe and good luck @badbeef.

2020 can stuff it thus far. Stay safe CO people!

Stay safe all!

Keep safe to all in the Boulder area!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Be safe :pray:t2:

Save people first. Then think about other stuff.

Fortunately we’ve had cool and moist weather since Saturday - seems to be staying put for the moment.