Has anyone gone through airport security with a Sprout in their carryon?

I’m guessing it will need to be removed from the carryon so they can examine it. I’m wondering if they will want to open it to make sure it’s not a threat.



I’ve taken a Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD player and power supply through airport security, in a laptop bag, from Charlotte to San Fransisco and back again. The TSA didn’t even look at it. Good luck!

I haven’t taken a Sprout but I have flown with a good number of things in my carryon, including small amps, circuit boards, and I forget what else. The only time I have ever been hassled was for some crossover networks, and that was El Al, which is more paranoid than most. I’d be fairly surprised if you had any trouble.

Only problematic for Bose Wave Radio owners, who are treated, uh, with suspicion…


I brought my Sprout from US back to Vietnam without any problem. TSA asked me what is it though :slight_smile:

Careful. Sprouts purchased in this country only work on 120V. If you plug it into Vietnam’s 220V it’ll fry.