Has anyone successfully used a PerfectWave DAC II with the Nuprime CDT8 Pro via I2S?

Nuprime? Have I ctc’d them? No, sorry, I just took delivery/put this transport in my hifi yesterday.

However, I am doubting - BIG time - that the I2S config on my PWD II = the I2S config on other PS Audio gear.

Schisttttt! Makes me crazy. How is a poor, uneducated consumer supposed to know these specifics?

Plus . . . nobody I’ve seen in this thread yet has said that he has succeeded in connecting the Nuprime CTD8 Pro via I2S to the PWD mkII.


For reference and others that find this in the future. Jesus at Sonore maintains this list here:

I seriously doubt that is the issue, you said you’ve used the PWT successfully with the PWD Mk ll. The PWT works with the DS (Senior and Junior) as well other PS DACs. That wouldn’t happen if the PWD was different.

Why do you doubt it? Do you have any evidence of incompatibility between them? @Paul, @tedsmith, @scottm, @jamesh …….can you enlighten us on this issue of P.S. Audio interdevice compatibility via i2s?? My understanding is any PSA with an i2s output will work with any PSA device with i2s input. Please clarify.

Have you made sure that the cable is all the way into the transport? I have one device in my hifi that takes an extra, uncomfortably stiff push to make sure its all the way in.

Also, try another cable just for process of elimination purposes.

Gee whiz, sorry to have been unclear - my problem is NOT PS Audio to PS Audio gear.

It is Nuprime CDT8 Pro to PS Audio PerfectWave Dac mkII . . . no music with an I2S connection.

I’m looking for anybody who has succeeded in getting the PWD mkII to output music spun on a CDT8 Pro via I2S. . . .

So far, nobody has said, Yes, I’ve done that.

The pinouts I posted clearly show that the pinout for all P.S. Audio products differ significantly from your CDT8 Pro’s pinout. Unless you find a way to change pinout via an adapter of some kind (I haven’t been able to find one), the two units are incompatible via i2s.

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I haven’t looked to make sure the pinouts match on both the PWD and Nuprime. I trust that if Tarheel is is saying they don’t match, then it won’t work. I know folks have used Nuprime transports with our DACs and successfully gone via I2S. I’ve personally never tried to hook up a DCT8 Pro to the PWD though.

My pinout reading skills are scant. (In fact, I’ve never thought about pinout configs . . . until yesterday. And, yes, that’s on me.)

However, there’s lots of testimony about hooking up the CDT8 Pro with other PS Audio Dacs (DS Sr. and Jr., for instance).

So the pinout config on my Dac (PWD mkII) must differ from the DS Dacs, even the Stellar GCD (which I found a thread that included success via I2S for a GCD owner who also owned the CDT8 Pro).

As I must’ve said upthread, Bummer.

And thanks to njlinuxmike - yes, I did try another I2S cable. Good idea, but no cigar. (Tell the truth, I’ve changed my setup before and got no sound and then finally realized that I failed to change the connex setting on the PWD mkII. Headsmack!)

Thanks again, y’all,

I’m not certain why you would come to this conclusion. We have never changed the I2S pinout throughout our DACs. I don’t want to blame your new transport but are you certain its I2S output is working? Also, did you try a few different cables?

I posted YOUR pinout for the CDT8 Pro. It differs substantially from the PSA pinout. To read them is easy. There are 19 pins on each, and each is labeled. So, starting from pin 1 to pin 19 for each pinout you compare your #1 to their #1, your #2 to their #2, etc. all the way through #19. Quite a number of theirs differ from yours. As it stands, unless you somehow change one unit’s pin configuration to match the others, it will not work, Some people may custom make a cable to do this, Otherwise, I see no way of getting one to work with the other.

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Hello, James,

Yes, I originally tried an AQ HDMI; then tried a Nordost HDMI. No-go with both.

Sorry if I spoke out of turn about pinout config, etc. Lotta frustration.

I’m uncertain that your statement about PS Audio’s never changing the pinout config for the I2S connector aligns with the data in the quick reference guide maintained by Jesus at Sonore found in the post by brett66 (#21? anyway, posted 20 hrs ago).

Columns D and E under the HDMI tab seem to show diff’t pin configs for my PWD mkII vs the DS Sr./Jr./Stellar. . . .

I don’t know the inner workings of how slight differences in pinout can impact whether or not it will work. But if it says it follows PS spec then it will work. You’ll see that NPC also differs from the DSD however that connection works flawlessly. Both with the DSD and the PWD.

I used to use Nuprime CDT-8PRO Transport with Directstream DAC via I2S without problem. Assuming that PWDll and DS has the same I2S pin configuration, I believe you have a problem with the cable, Nuprime I2S output or PWD I2S input.
PS. Nuprime Transport in unreliable piece of gear with awful technical support.

For Nuprime support and service contact TDSS, they offer Nuprime authorized service and Nuprime authorized mods, do not bother to contact Nuprime…