Has anyone successfully used a PerfectWave DAC II with the Nuprime CDT8 Pro via I2S?

Just took delivery today and can’t get the I2S connection to play music.

The coaxial connex plays music fine.

Anyone used the PWDII with the Nuprime CDT8 Pro via I2S?

If yes, any guesses about what I might be doing wrong (duhhh ;-)?

Cheers, Chaz

What is the output of the player/track(s) you are having trouble with?

I am not sure it’s relevant but the PW DAC MKII is somewhat limited on the input side:

Input Data Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz (up to 24 bits)*

[*Reference: PS Audio PerfectWave DAC MKII Review - Reviews - Audiophile Style]

If the PWD II uses the same I2S pin configuration as the DS then all Nuprime CD players are I2S compatible. If it’s something different than PSA is currently using then it won’t work.

Thx for replying, but that "if’ is the heart of my original question . . . no, I don’t know the effin’ pin config; however, what I need to know is: has anybody with a PWD mk II ever used the I2S connection to a Nuprime CDT8 Pro?

Input rates? Yeah, I’ve seen 'em.

But I’m not planning on obtaining a Computer Science degree, either :wink:

No offense, but I’m believing, scotte1, that my original question remains unanswered?

Anyway, thx, Chaz


Any thoughts…?

Here is the P.S. Audio pin configuration

Here is the manual for the Nuprime CDT-10. On page 6 it’s shows their pin configuration.

Inspection shows that the pin configuration does indeed differ.

Much thanks, tarheelneil, and bummer.

Just shows how assumptions (DS Dac OK in this situation → PWD II also shld be OK) can disappoint.

Hey, wait a min. That’s the manual for a CDT-10. Mine’s the 8 Pro.

So, the question remains, please. Has anybody used I2S between the 8 Pro and a PWD II and got music to play?

all Nuprime product uses the same pin configuration, just as all PSA product uses their pin configuration. Otherwise, compatibility within that brand would be destroyed, and their customers would get VERY unhappy.

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What you write sounds reasonable . . . except for, well, exceptions.

Can you - or anybody who really knows the hardware specifics for PS Audio - tell me that the pin config on the PWD II duplicates the pin config on the DS Dac?

Alternatively, why am I not able to hear music via I2S when using the Nuprime CDT8 Pro through the PWD mk II?

Thanks again, tarheelneil. Much appreciated.

The fact that the PerfectWave SACD Transport is compatible with all their dacs is proof. But if you want to hear it from @Paul, @jamesh, or someone else from PSA, I’m sure they would be happy to corroborate this.

I’ve used the PWT with the PWD mkII via I2S. (In fact, my PWT with remaining warranty is for sale!)

That’s not my problem.

The I2S works on my PWD mkII. But I can’t get it to work with the Nuprime CDT8 Pro. Others on this forum have testified about using the CDT8 Pro with the DS and DS Jr. Dacs. So I assumed that the PWD mkII would work via I2S with the CDT8 Pro.

Not so far, for me. Has anybody here in PS Audio land done what I’m trying to do?

With all due respect, you seem to be missing the point of @tarheelneil’s posts.

He appears, to me, to have clearly demonstrated that the I2S pin configuration of the CDT8 does not match that of the DS DACs.

What am I missing?

Good luck with your endeavor, in any event.


But I am not using a DS Dac (or the DS Jr.).

Mine is the previous product, the PerfectWave Dac, mk II.

Does that clear it up?

Yes, that helps.

Have you checked the PW MKII manual to see if it provides the I2S pin configuration?

If it matches that of the DS models or does not match the configuration of your disc spinner, you have your answer, I believe.

Good luck.


Nothing in the PW MKII manual - at least, nothing that I could find - about the I2S pin configuration.

Did I miss something? Very possible :wink: For instance, NativeX particulars were a revelation to me while paging through the PWD mkII owner’s manual just now. (It’s a wonder I’ve managed to make music with such a complicated DAC.)

Still hoping for first-hand testimony about the subject of this thread. . . .

Thanks again, y’all,

FWIW, I used to have a PWD MKII. I settled on Native X as my favorite filter and never looked back.

You might start there, but these things tend to be a matter of personal choice and, sometimes, are a function of the nature of the recording.

All in all, I believed Native X was the best “all arounder”.


Clearly, the PWD and PWD MK II both have a different pinout than the Nuprime.


PS Audio was the first to use I2S for “outside” the box connections (my understanding is it is typically used within a digital device, say between the transport and DAC within a CD player) and they established the unofficial pin configuration for other companies to use. Paul has said this many times over the years and I feel confident in saying all PS Audio equipment has used the same I2S pin assignments since it was first offered. I can’t speak for Nuprime, have you contacted them?