Has my DirectStream DAC Failed

Thanks , that is what I used to format the SD card , albeit the Apple MAC version

@jamesh - wasn’t there an issue at some point with formatting SD cards with Macs?

If you have a non-PS Audio I2S device, it might be providing 5V and keeping the DS from resetting properly. If so, disconnect the I2S from the DS and the power off the DS. Wait a little and power the DS back up. If things are working, you can plug the I2S back in and remember to unplug it if you power the DS off.

Thanks for the reply , Ted . I had removed the unit from its rack and unplugged everything . I don’t have any IS2 devices.
As its Easter Sunday here in Australia and tomorrow is a public holiday , I will have to wait until Tuesday before contacting the AU distributor and organising repair.

Sorry if this has already been discussed but do you have the Bridge installed?

I do have a Bridge , but I did remove it from the DSD to see if it may have been the cause of the problem.

Just for future information …

I have my DAC back from the importer and its up and running again . The issue with it was that the display board had failed .


How old is the DAC ?

Around 7 - 8 years old .