We have a problem after power interruption

This morning the power kicked off for about 2 seconds and came back on.
After that I noticed the light on the DSD DAC was blinking.
I waited, the screen never came on and the light kept blinking. Pushing the lighted button on the from does nothing and it doesn’t respond to the remote.

I powered it off, then back on. Same thing.
I removed the SD card then powered it on. The light is steady now, but no screen and no response from the remote or pressing the button.

I put in an SD card with older Windom firmware and rebooted. Same thing, steady light, no screen, no response to the remote or button push.

What do we do now?

Make sure it is powered off for a few minutes before powering back on.
If that doesn’t work I think you can force a reboot by holding the blue button on the front while turning the power back on in the back.
Someone here should be able to verify that option.

What was on the SD card that you pulled out? Was it just there as a memory? I believe we can send you a rescue file. Please contact customer service on Monday and we’ll get you handled. It sounds like it is not hardware related but rather some sort of software/firmware glitch.

Sunlight was on the SD card.
I’ll try to contact them Monday.

If there was a power outage when it was trying to load the firmware it could have hosed the boot loader. I think the rescue disc can fix it, but in the future I would not recommend leaving inserted an SD card with a firmware update. You can try the rescue disc now. Go to: https://www.psaudio.com/downloads/ and then go to Tools and Guides, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to where the DirectStream Boot Rescue Disc is and give that a shot.

Let us know. If it works do not keep the SD card in.


Sorry to say that didn’t work.
Put the files on a properly formatted card, put it in the DSD and turned on the main power.
Just a steady blue light on the front.
Any other ideas?

Have you tried leaving it unplugged for 24 hrs?

Well since it happened this morning… No :smile:

While it’s powered off (and when you boot it after that) disconnect everything else from the DAC too, especially any non PS Audio I2S devices.


Ah Ted, you are a lifesaver. I unplugged all, did the rescue disc and it came to life.
It seemed to have installed Pikes Peak so I booted up again with the Sunlight card and it installed that successfully! Yay!
It I2S was being supplied by a Singxer SU-6 and that may have been what cause the freak out?


The I2S unit was probably providing 5V thru the HDMI cable. But it couldn’t provide enough current for the DAC to run. This would keep the DAC in the twilight zone (Dah, Dah, Dant, Dant… Dah, Dah, Dant, Dant…)


Happy cake day! Thank you for your support, insights, and knowledge sharing!