Have you ever used extension cords after your power plants and why or why not?

See title, kgo :smile:

No, but I do used very long powercords… Both long PCs and long extention cords are expensive if one used high-quality parts. I think but don’t know that some manfacturers have very-fine-sounding (and expensive!) ‘outlet strips’ for spreading the power.

Are you asking if anyone plugs an extension cord into a PowerPlant to extend power to a component?

If so, what are you plugging into the extension cord?

I have a Triplite power strip plugged into one outlet of my Stellar P3. That has the power supply/speed control for my turntable, a turntable inspection light, and a DIY “Gutwire” type grounding cable plugged into it.

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Yes, it’d be an amp. For example, like my current set up, the speaker cables are long because the system rack is to the side of the room. If using an extension cord would allow me to put my amp in the middle of the speakers thus allow me to experiment with different speaker cables. It be more economical, even if money is no object, there is still the problem that some cables I want to try don’t even have the length l need simply because it 15 feet long. I’m wondering if a extension cord could be a solution? Or do I need a 2nd PowerPlant for best results?

Is it possible to install an outlet between the speakers?

If you are headed towards optimal setup, you should start pricing out options. The extension cord is most likely going to be noisy. They generally don’t provide any sort of shielding or construction to minimize EMI.

You could:

  1. install an outlet in-between the speakers and:
    a) run the amp off the wall
    b) get another PP and plug it into the new outlet

  2. Price out 5M speaker cables. Perhaps some Iconoclasts.

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Yes, I do, for all my TV + video processor + Apple TV etc. The pp will improve the quality of the things plugged into the strip, but presumably not as much as if they were directly plugged into the pp. Someone at psa have also said in the past this is a valid thing to do.

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