Long run power chord to Power Plant

Hi -

For various reasons the only real estate I have for my gear is 20ft from the dedicated circuit, including running the cord around corners.

Do you guys think it would be a problem to power a Power Plant using a 20ft power cord?


Don’t know but a good quality 20 ft power cable is likely to be pretty expensive.

Thanks for the response @RonP - unfortunately I have no choice on this one, and no huge budget either - max $500.

Any chance you can run another dedicated line, probably cheaper than a quality 20ft extension. I know when they installed mine they only charged about 600, but not sure if by your user name you are in nyc and thus it might be tough putting in a new line

Yeah, New York City here, living in a pre-war condo with walls as impenetrable as Fort Knox. :smile:

Totally understand, it’s pretty awesome managed to get the one dedicated line! Maybe that Cullen cable guy would be able to sort you some heavy gage extension cord out. I hear he makes good stuff for reasonable money

Thanks @Veneet, I’ll give him a call next week then. And yes, the dedicated line is purely by lucky chance that nothing else in my apartment uses it.

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Patrick at Cullen will build this cable for $115 for 8 feet and then $10 per foot over that so half your budget.

Quality cable that will do what you need.

Thanks @dawkinsj.

These are great cables for the money and he custom builds all of them.


No problem at all, I use a 11 meter (36 feets) long power cord to my P15 + another 2 meter from each socket from my P15 to my “stereo-things”.

Good to know - what 11m power cord are you using? Thanks.

Supra LoRad 2.5 mm2


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think about it, how long are the cables in the walls and along the street to closest power transformer? what ever you plug into the socket likely will be better.

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