Have you turned the power plug the right way to your P15?

More than me who have found that it’s quite important to turn the power plug the right way in the wall to your P15 (probably to all regenerators) because you get a more silent regenerator after you’ve done that?
My P15 became absolute silent after I’ve done that while it had a constant gentle “Bruuum” earlier.

My P15 “Never Liked” to use MultiWave Strength 5 earlier either, no matter what Phase Tune I used. It really liked to have the MS on 2 or 3 then but now after I changed the phase for my P15 it really loves to have the MS on 5

MultiWave Strength on 5 and Phase Tune on -1
That’s also the “Highest” PT I’ve ever used since it liked it best earlier with the PT on -2 or, most often, -3

I presume you’re in Europe? In the US, we have polarized power plugs that without modification will only allow the plug to be oriented in one way.

That said, internally each device could potentially be wired one way or the other, hot and neutral. Gains are to be had by ensuring all devices in the system are phased relative to one another.

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Yepp, I live in Sweden.
My contact.

I have a couple of these plugs that I use with my P12, but I don’t think it matters in my case. I got them on a fire sale and made some Furutech cables using this cable in 12 gauge.


I’ve never tried to change the plugs on a power cord to a better model but it would be interesting to “see” if one is able to hear any difference from the standard plug on, say, my Nordost Blue Heaven.

I don’t know that they sound better, but the good quality Furutechs (I‘ve installed them on many of my power cords) stay firmly plugged in. Most of my retrofits were using Fi-11 series plugs and IECs.

I use the Furutech Wall receptacles. Some are GTX D NCF and the others are GTX D Rhodium. They hold the cables better and interestingly they are upside down to the normal orientation with the ground Plug on top. Many high end companies use the Furutech Plugs as an option.

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At the moment, I would trade being here for not being sure of which way my plugs are oriented.

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Not me.

@watchdog507 - ditto on the Furutech recepticals. My Dr Acoustic Silver Fire distribution box has (4) GTX-D NCF ® receptacles.

What with the various plugs (and their direction) which are connected to the power regenerator/or distributor?

I also use power distribution from Furutech.
It’s an E-TP 609 NCF.

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