How do you check where the P15 gets the phase?

I see that depending on how I turn the power plug in the wall to my P15 I get different much “Improvement Factor” so I have a question about that.

Do the P15 work better/more efficient when it have the correct phase so I will get a higher “Improvement Factor” with correct phase or do my P15 see that I have the wrong phase so it must work to correct that also so it’s because of that I get a higher “Improvemet Factor” depending on how I turn the power plug in my wall?

I ask because I can’t figure out how to see when I have the right phase because my Phase Pen never give me any sign when I try to see how it is.
You must have shielded de P15 very good since my Phase Pen never can sense anything of it.

That’s interesting. I have not yet seen the P15 display differences for incoming phase. What is changing?

The “Improvement Factor”-meter came a little higher.

This is a curious question. The P15 doesn’t have a ‘phase’, the incoming power does.

I would encourage you to not focus so much on the numbers, phase, improvement factor, and simply listen and choose based on what you hear

Of course the P15 don’t have “its own phase”, excuse me that I’m not that good at english, it’s over 30 years since I went in school and I rarely use english more than when I listen to it when I see TV.
What I meant was: “Where do the P15 want the phase from the powergrid” but I thought that was selfexplanatory.

No criticism intended. I enjoy these thought experiments, and wish I had even basic command of another language. I’m jealous of those that grew up learning 4-5 languages. I only know a few words in Spanish but not enough to converse on an audio forum (or any forum for that matter).

The phase is set by the grid connection. In the US we have a split phase system allowing one to choose one phase or the other from each ‘side’ of our service panel/load center. One can ‘sound’ better than the other based on what else is on that phase (adding noise) but one isn’t inherently better than the other. They are exactly equal but opposite.

I have a dedicated 10awg run feeding my P10 and I believe this is the ideal. I have found equal gains in sound improvement by ensuring my grounding wire connection is clean and secured to the grounding rods - I even ‘water’ my rods with a very slow drip from my rain water storage and it makes a noticeable improvement over the normally very dry non-conductive soil.

If you have the choice to try the ‘other’ phase from your panel via another circuit in your home, it’s worth doing and of course running a dedicated heavy gauge line directly from a single breaker to the P15.

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