P15 Phase EU


I have 4 questions regarding the P15 and DSJ.

  1. Is it required to correctly plug in the cable in the wall socket so that it is phased correctly or does the P15 adjust and correct this on its own?

  2. I see that in the P15, there is a phase setting. If I do an Auto Tune, it sets the phase to -4.
    Is that related to the phase of the wall socket where the P15 is plugged in or is this a different topic / area?

  3. If I plug in my DSJ in the P15 outlet, does then the DSJ or P15 adjusts the phase correctly or do I need to do that manually?

  4. If I have a connector (Brennenstuhl Premium Protect line) as an additional surge protector before the P15, would that be a problem in Terms Sound Quality?

As a feature request, it would be cool if the P15 could display where the phase is (left or right) so that one could plug in the cable corrrectly.


The P15 follows incoming phase (and polarity) but I am guessing what you really mean is polarity? The phase of an AC signal when it concerns AC power is irrelevant. The polarity, however, whether the hot and neutral are in the right place, can be important.

There is a phase setting on the P15 as you have noticed. It is for aligning the unit’s PLL with the incoming AC in the rare case where the two are so far apart. You can tell that by the amount of output distortion. If it’s above 1% then you probably
need this control.

Hope that helps.

Hi Paul,

thanks for the quick answer. Much appreciated.
Indeed, then I refer to polarity.
My out THD is 0.1%, so I should have no issue there.

How is then the P15 passing on the polarity to outlets?
I know for the wall socket which one is hot and which the neutral one. I also know for the P15 input but I currently do not know for the P15 outlets.
Assuming (as an example) the left pin one of my Schuko plug would be the neutral one which then goes into the IEC plug of the P15. From the internal wiring, where would then the neutral one be per Schuko outlet? (left or right)?

Thanks a lot!

Oh heck, I don’t remember. I think the Schukos are keyed, no? I can check for you or email us at
connect@psaudio.com and we’ll get your answer for you.

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“Is it required to correctly plug in the cable in the wall socket so that it is phased correctly or does the P15 adjust and correct this on its own?” = I live in Sweden and I’ve noticed an improvement on the “Improvement Factor”-meter depending on how I turned my AC-plug into the wall so try that you also to see when you get the the highest “Improvement Factor”.

I don’t know but the highest “Improvement Factor” should bee the best to have…or is it perhaps the other way around so the best way is to have as little “Improvement Factor” as possible so the P15 don’t have to do equally much?
I mean, if the AC is already perfect there is not much for the P15 to do…mmmm…sad that you can’t get any idea of where the phase should go into a P15, not even with a phase pen.

All you need to check with phase pen is the power cable L side lighting it up. US citizens don´t have that problem because their cables go only one way into wall power outlet. For us European or other countries with Schuko outlets though,we need to check phase every time we plug power cables. It is the first and most important thing to do.