Having too much fun with music editing software -D/L link fixed!

Made these mash-up mixes for our beer league ball tournaments many years back - thought I’d share for chits & giggles. #2 of 4.
Maybe Paul will hire me for a editing position at Octave… :rofl:
No embedded player here so D/L here for a laugh":

That is how I felt about Playlist editor on the PS Audio site. It was great when I archived a record using my NPC to be able to add track info an cover art. I used it allot and really are very diasappointed that they decided t9 shut it down. I use Power Play but it does nothing I can’t do by logging directly in to the powerplant.

This might be a bit different, this enables one to edit songs, add parts, remove sections, crossfade mixes, remove ticks & pops, change speed - completely edit the wav form. Increase or decrease levels; full song or just sections. Want to make you favorite song longer? Insert the solo, bridge and final chorus a second time. Don’t like one particular part? Remove it. One particular sax solo a bit too zany for the song? Cut it out seamlessly. I’ve never been a fan of songs that fade out at the end and then fade back in for a final ending. With a bit of practice, eliminate the fade out part. Basically do what they did to fit 22 original hits on a K-Tel album.

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I do that with Vinyl Studio when I archive records. It is amazing to strech out a waveform and remove a pop manually. One litterally patches the waveform and is inaudible without having any negative effect on the sound.