HDMI Cables lack grip in I2S ports

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I’m using a Purist Audio Design HDMI with my DirectStream DAC and I find that it doesn’t grip well in the ports. This is likewise true of other HDMI cables that I’ve tried. Upon searching the interweb, it looks like this is a universal issue for HDMI users. Posters suggest using blue tack or a variety of other tweaks.

What do you do to secure HDMIs in the ports?

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That’s unfortunately a design compromise of the HDMI standard. Some companies put small flanges on the male cables but that’s not to standards.

Support the cable with something like:


Thanks All. I think I’ll try blue tack :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting, I’ve never had that problem with various cables I’ve tried over the years, perhaps it’s more to do with the sockets in the equipment than the cables

I think it’s cable related but most can be a bit lose. For example my RAL HDMI is no way near as tight fitting as the WW Platinum and the others I’ve tried are looser still.

The fit of HDMI cables in female sockets is one of the shortcomings of the design. The designers focused on the technical design and it has evolved over the years but no one to my knowledge created a locking design for the mainstream. I did see an HDMI plug that had tiny flanges to create some pressure to assist in holding in place but i can’t remember where.