Replace RCA jacks on Directstream DAC

One of my RCA jacks has come undone. I can still push it back into place and it works, but I think the pair ought to be replaced. Can someone recommend a good choice? I’ve looked on Moon, Cableco, PartsConn, and the variations are confusing.

Have you looked to see if you can tighten it?

I like to use Furutech or WBT.

Scroll down until you see the RCA sockets.

The outer conductor has pulled off of it and the small plastic tube just falls out. I can stick it all back into place but it’s not firm and just hangs as the cable weighs down on it. I guess I could solder the connector back on? Or glue it?

From an old thread…

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That’s a great thread!

I’ve owned 3 different PS Audio DAC models and that’s happened to all 3. I can’t remember for sure but it seems to me on the DS Sr you have to replace the entire output board because the jacks are soldered to it? I’m pretty sure they sent me one and I installed it. I believe they also recommend just reattaching it with a bit of super glue? Don’t quote me on that but I’m pretty sure.


Yes, this is exactly what has happened. The head, or outer conductor, just pulls off with the cable. I stick it back on but it still hangs flimsy. So you can’t just replace the sockets, you have to replace the whole board? Is superglue a good idea?

OK, I’ve read the other thread. I feel hesitant about the superglue. I just sent an email to PSA, asking if the repair/replace option is still available. I recently replaced the transformers with the Edcor 4400 so I wouldn’t want to replace the whole board if it can be avoided.

PS said their only option is to send in the entire unit for a minimum cost of $750. They said superglue was a decent alternative. Have any of you fixed the socket this way? How did you apply the glue? Maybe just in one spot by the base?

I’d put a very small dab on at least 2 sides.

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Wow. 750…. I’d opt for the superglue.

I’m definitely not paying $750, it’s absurd. I asked if I could just buy the board and install it myself but they said no. I might do the superglue or might just leave it as is.

What about replacing just the sockets? Is there anything about this board that makes it unusually difficult? I wouldn’t attempt that myself but would take it to a local shop.

Not great service from PSA have to say.

Disappointing to hear this.

Welllll. That they service it is great service it… maybe $250 for board, perhaps $200 labor and add in shipping $75 but I am just guessing… I dont know their labor costs, and parts are probably not made for that unit anymore… Nowadays, w “Putin’s Tax” what isn’t expensive…looks like we better get used to it until someone decides to change their direction on many topics…

Perhaps a change to XLR cables is in order? :thinking:

That’s weird because they sent me the board. It was quite a few years ago so maybe policy has changed but I don’t know why they can’t just sell you the part. Like I said before, this has happened to me on a NuWave, Perfectwave and DS Sr. over the last 9-10 yrs. and I’ve read many other reports of the same thing happening to others. I’ve been buying audio gear since the mid-70’s and that’s never happened on any other gear, ever. You’d think they’d have addressed this issue by now

I’ve thought about this. Problem is, just last month I bought a pair of RCA cables. I chose RCA because my new headphone amp is single-ended, so I was going to economize by using the same cables for both machines. (Plus, I learned in an earlier thread that it is not recommended to connect both XLR and RCA cables to the DS at the same time. So, since I would have to power down and connect/disconnect the ICs anyway, it made sense just to buy a single set and just switch the amp they were feeding to.)

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Can you buy the RCA connector(s) and solder new ones on the existing PC board? Assumes you’re comfortable doing this kind of work, but would be much cheaper than a whole new board. Maybe you could purchase the board and install yourself. Not too bad if you’re careful and use an ESD wrist strap to avoid and damage to electronics from static electricity.

Seems like defective RCA jacks, I’ve never had any RCA jacks come apart. At the price of the Directstream they should be of better quality.

It’s odd. It almost looks like whatever was soldered to the board remains that way. It’s the external shield which seems to just come off. I dunno.