HDMI Y-connector for I2s input

Have a DSD Sr. One I2s input is used by the DMP and one I2s for a streamer via the Matrix. Wondering if a hdmi y-connector could be used to use one one I2s to allow an additional streamer to be used with I2s? Appreciate any thoughts.

There are HDMI switches that you can get with a remote control. I don’t know if there are automatic switchers.
Amazon.com : HDMI switches

Thanks, Ted. You think this one from your link would work at least without damage to the Dsd. I wouldn’t mind if I have to manually switch it just trying to avoid unplugging and replugging the connectors as the rear of the DSD is not easily accessible in my setup.

I’m reasonably sure it would work and won’t damage the DSD. Personally I might spend more for a remote controlled version that was potentially a little more reliable. I have a remote controlled HDMI switch I bought about 17 years ago that’s still working well and doesn’t seem to ever have any negative effects with the picture on my screen or interfere with TV talking to the satellite box.


HDMI switches are great for video, but I cringe when I hear one use for audio. I don’t know how it would affect sound quality, but I’m sure it is not good. Maybe I’m wrong and overreacting, but that’s just me. It wouldn’t hurt to try though since it cost almost nothing for one of those switches.

Dewd, it’s just connectors and switch contacts and wire. What could go wrong?

Oh, wait…

You could be right, maybe we don’t really need all those fancy WBT connectors, silver contact switches, and 8N copper, and perfect surface pure silver wires. They really shouldn’t make any difference in the sound. It will save us so much $$$.

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