Replacing fuse in Sprout?

I got a free promo Synergistic Research Black fuse and had them send one (hopefully correct) for the Sprout as its the only thing I have with a fuse in it!

Some questions:

1: will replacing the fuse void my warranty? I think I remember Paul replying to a different thread/product that they are OK with replacement audiophile fuses.

2: what is the correct fuse? I think they sent a 1amp slow blow? I’m not where I can go look at the moment though

3: how do you get to the fuse! Also what is the correct orientation? Usually I just toss fuses in (just replaced them in our plasma tv), but I remember reading that the current should flow in the direction of the writing on the fuse? So does the current flow back panel to front or vice versa?

thank you and I must say I love my Sprout! I’d been without music for many years even though I still had my custom Maggie’s (can’t part with them, one of a kind they are!) and my husband gifted me a Sprout for my birthday. It’s such a simple, elegant system now and the music is beautiful and engaging!

Sorry but according to the Sprout manual

“There are no user serviceable fuses inside this product.”

In general PSA is fine with users replacing fuses as long as they use the correct values but it appears that is not possible for the Sprout.


Well at least I can sell the fuse or something. Thanks!