HELP! Harmony Remote turns BHK Pre on & off

Is there any way to change the remote frequency on the BHK Preamp?
If I use the channel up & down button, or the page up & down button on the Logitec Harmony remote, it turns the Preamp on & off. Since i have the trigger wire connected to the amp, that starts up as well.
The only cure so far is to turn the preamp’s main power off which takes it out of standby.

No. LG remotes will also cause havok. Discussed widely here many times before.

Are there any work arounds?


Unfortunately LG did not follow the rules and stepped on PS Audio’s declaration of remote codes.

While not ideal, I have just blocked the IR receiver on the front of my BHK pre while not it use. Keeps my LG remote from causing trouble.

What did you cover it with? I used several sheets of paper…that didn’t work. Tried a microfiber towel, that didn’t work.

I am just using a 4x6 piece of card stock, bent into an L shape, with the leg tucked under the pre. I’d like to find a piece of carbon to do the same, would be a little less janky.

Got it.
Wrapped some card stock in aluminum foil and clipped a clamp style paper clip to it to make a base. Works good now.

Wife’s suggestion. That’s why I keep her.

Where is the IR detector? If this is the case, can you not control the BHK with the remote now?