Help! My PPP suddenly shuts off

I have a PP Premier that works fine. For a while… Suddenly after, after what can be, 10 minutes or an hour (seems randomly) it just shuts off. The only way to get it powered up again is to unplug and plug in the powerchord. Then the story repeats…

This also occurs with nothing but the powerchord from the wall connected.

Meanwhile it is running it does it’s just job fine. But suddenly… boom.

My suspicion was first some kind of “false” temperature protection, but actually I have no idea.

Any advice or ideas are highly and thankfully appreciated.

I live in Sweden.

Get an RMA and send it for repair. Or buy something else (because the PPP has a long history of problems, particularly the 230V ones).

It is out ot warranty since a long time. I was hoping it should be a known problem and maybe an easy fix (for example a temp sensor or something like that)…

Just because it is out of warranty doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired. There is no easy fix, it needs to be returned for repair.

Well I got an email from PS Audio, and they say they wont repair it because of its age and lack of spare parts. But they will gladly sell a newer upgrade to me… :-/

That sounds like the best option to me. If you paid for an out-of-warranty repair it’s quite possible it will break down again in the future and you’ll be up for another repair. You’re better off buying a current model product which will (hopefully) be more reliable, and will be covered by a three year warranty. Sometimes PS Audio offer a trade-in credit on products whether made by them or somebody else, whether working or not. You should explore that option with your local PS Audio sales channel. Reaching out to PS Audio again in that regard might be helpful with facilitating a favorable outcome for you (I also had a PPP and the third time it broke down they just swapped it with a new model P5 at no charge, however mine was in-warranty).

Hi, can you advise what are the usual problems PPP have, and possible repair solutions? I am considering purchasing a used unit. Thanks a lot.

Internal failure of various components. Repair usually requires board-level replacement. As no replacement boards are available, unless a repair tech finds a faulty transistor etc that can be replaced (solder off/on), a PPP is not repairable.

I would not recommend buying a used PPP.

Thank you, sad to hear but much better than buying a piece of problematic gear.