Help, since the P20 there's too much bass

Hello fellow audiophiles,

Yesterday I installed my P20 that drives my 4 mono (AMB Beta24 DIY) amps bi-amping my speakers. I watched all of Paul’s clips regarding the P12/15/20 series and most of the time thought “yeah, yeah, yeah… Right”. But… Dhamnn… Talk about an improvement…?! Wife comes home, while I was playing some music: She says, what’s changed since two hours ago…? She never does that. Long story short: I now have to disable one of five woofers (per channel) and find a way to solve my bass problem… Pfff, wish I still had a boat, less work… :slight_smile: And a lot cheaper…

Greetz from the low lands,

Whole stack

P12 & P20




Showing these to my wife. I have too big of a setup said nonone ever.

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Maybe is time to strategically place absorption/diffusion panels. Even in the ceiling.

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Wow, that appears to be a relatively small space for that much woofer! Why not just dial them down a bit?

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Do you have earthquake insurance? :grin: Nice setup!


Yup, I’m afraid you are right.

Are you using the total dac for crossover?

No @Sleepow, I don’t. I have two “SIX-es”, one for left and one for right. The controler/reclocker for them, a server/reclocker and a reclocker. Total of 5 boxes…

This is just a suggestion and me talking to myself. That room is way to small for that much bass. My advice would be to get the woofers out of the corners or get a bigger room like an auditorium

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Thank you Earl, let me try that and I will report back to you…

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For several days I assumed this was a joke thread given the setup…

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No John, it’s dead serious…

The room is not much different in size than the famous old listening room one. And those Infinity’s are even taller… Anyway, what I was trying to say here was that the P20 on my power amps is a huge improvement. The amount of base is adjustable thru several different means and already has been taken care of.

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Wow, that’s amazing :astonished:

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Y’all are welcome to come and listen…

Checkout and/or


Hey @therealest311,

I did some research and found a Youtube clip of @Paul rebuilding music room 1 so it can house the newly acquired Infinity towers. If you click this link you will hear Paul sum up the sizes of this room: 22ft long, 9.5ft tall and 15ft wide. My room is almost twice as long, 2 ft higher and about the same width. So… I think I’m “purdy” good… By the way, I am not able to apply the rule of thirds, since this is our living room, not my listening room. I don’t have a listening room because I don’t like to sit by myself, lonely and on my own, without the companionship of my wife.


np dude sorry ive been away your situation is unique, with your speaker type. They actually are better in near the corners, as they are said to be dipole. That key part you failed to mention. But woofers in the corners tend to be boomy regardless of speaker type.

You are absolutely right Earl. In my case however it was best to keep 'm in right in the corners, toed in just a little bit. The X-over frequency is 538Hz, so most of it goes to the ribbon. Thanks for thinking with me man… :hugs: