Stellar P3 not staying in idle

Hello, I am a new PS Audio owner of a Stellar Bundle since late last month. The last two days I came home to find my SP3… and the Stellar amps attached… powered up with blue lights on. I had put them in idle mode the nights before, putting the SP3 into idle last. And they were still idle when I went to work in the morning. My kitchen clock was not blinking when I got home. But maybe the SP3 is more sensitive to power fluctuations? The SP3 manual says that it is OK to put the unit in idle mode, assuming attached equipment first idled. But I see from some past topics that it is recommended to leave powerplants fully up and running. Advice / comments appreciated. Thanks.

If you put the SP3 in standby mode I would think that would completely power down attached equipment (unless somehow the outlets aren’t switched–I’m not familiar with the specific model power plant). You want the attached equipment to be powered but in standby when not in use. I’ve always kept my Power Plants on all the time.

Welcome Carousel! The PowerPlants can handle a pretty impressive voltage swing without shutting down, so I wouldn’t think it’s a sag or spike causing it to shut down and restart. Is your system in the same room as your TV? It’s possible that the P3 is reacting to an IR code it’s receiving from a TV related remote.

Or maybe your dog wanted to listen while you’re at work and forgot to shut it down… :thinking::joy:

Mystery solved. The pet did not do it. Turns out that the outlet, that is as far as possible from the entry way, that I had never used before plugging the SP3 into it, is switched by the entry way switch. I think the folks who lived here before had a lamp plugged in there that they turned on for imagined security when they went out! So as soon as someone came home, they turned on the system.

As the media server was left on sending a signal to the Stellar DAC today, this resulted in very loud initial sound since the Stellar DAC restarts at volume level 25.

I changed the outlet in use. So I can be there to turn the Stellar DAC down to below 10 (which would be a better default for me) before the power amp comes on if needed.

Thanks for the advice and the welcome!