Stellar PP3 Idle Mode

Hello everybody,

I couldn’t resist and now I have a PP3.
Now i have a few questions.
When i switch the P3 to the idle mode all sockets are switched on and all devices can be switched on, is that o.k. ? Why are the sockets not switched off or is that a bypass mode and can i use it to compare the effect with and without PP3 ?
Are all sockets separate from the effects of the other devices on the other sockets?
What Power Cable should i use, is the Sprout Kickstarter red (i think its a Jewel) good enough?
And should I use the best Power Cable to the PP3 or from PP3 to Amp?

is there a “Burn In” Time because i think the rhythm is “a bit slower” , but the bass is a bit deeper and more contoured this is also audible over the Headphones.

I have similar questions. One answer I read in another post was something Paul said: give it a week to settle in. Others had noted the “slow” factor right out of the box. I will be interested what the answer is to the question “where do I use my best power cable…?”
Timmy, have fun and keep us posted on the burn in results.

Good to hear you picked up a new P3! After it settles in a bit, you’re really going to like what it does for the system.

This is rather odd though, the unit should cut power to the outlets in the back when you put it in standby. Try hitting the blue logo button and let me know if it’s not turning your gear off.

Ah yes, the ol’ red cables we shipped with the first Sprouts. Those are actually awesome cables and will do a great job in the P3.

I used to always think the cable feeding power to the regen doesn’t matter because the power coming out is perfect. I then was corrected. All of your components downstream are connected by this cable. Of all the power cables in the system, the most current is going through this cable.

There is some isolation between each of the outlets. This is why we recommend keeping your digital gear separated from the your analog if possible. Digital power supplies tend to be more noisy.

I plan to hook 4 units to the P3. Two are digital and two are analog. I was going to plug all into the regenerated sockets. Are you saying this is not recommended?


I’ve noticed my Cisco Switch + Sbooster LPS degrades the sound when plugged into the SP3.

I’m not sure if it’s because the Sbooster with its Main filters and choke doesn’t like the SP3, or if the network switch is backwashing into the Strata?

Hi @jamesh,

Is that true for the P20 too? If so can you elaborate on what separated means? For example on a seperate duplex outlet, or a seperate column of outlets, etc.?

Remember that all three zones (6 outlets) can be regenerated. The HC zone has the ability to toggle between regen or filtered.

It’s absolutely recommended that you plug all 4 in! It won’t make a big difference but I usually try and have the analog in the HC zone (set to regen) and the digital plugged in from there.

@cxp I remember you mentioning something like that in the Strata thread. Could be that the Sbooster doesn’t like the regen power. :man_shrugging:

You won’t need to worry about it in the P20. With its overwhelming overhead and almost excessively low output impedance, it’s irrelevant.

Back to the P3 and my Questions.
You mean in Idle mode the Outlets are de-energized?
That would mean there is something wrong with my P3.Can you say what to do?

Are all sockets separatly or only the zones with two sockets. So if i had a Player/Streamer and a little analog amp id better go to socket 1 and socket 3 also when all sockets regen?

I’d appreciate a proper understanding of the zones on both a 6 outlet SP3 and the four outlet non US versions. Documentation says there are three zones. On a 4 outlet UK version are the pair of outlets that are switchable between HC and regen on one zone and each of the other outlets on its own zone?. Where there are multiple outlets on a zone what is the interplay between them?. Thanks.

Yes, when you put the unit into standby, it should completely cut power to the outlets in the back. Give our service guys a call and they’ll be able to help you out.

Yes, I misspoke above. I’m so used to the other regenerators where each duplex is in its own zone. Hooking it up in that orientation will be perfect.

For all of the P3s, there are only 2 zones. HC and the normal regen.

can you or service guys please Email me I’m in Germany. Here its now 00:15 SA

Sorry, didn’t know you were in Germany. In that case, you’ll want to work with Jurgen. You can email him directly at

He’ll be able to get you up and running.

So since I am going to hook my DSD SR to the P3 standby is not an option for me?

I just noticed that the sale price on the Stellar P3 has ended. I’m so glad I bought mine when I did.

Depends what you’re trying to do. Just keep in mind when you put the P3 into standby, it will completely cut power to all downstream gear. Pressing the dim button on the remote will shut off all of the LEDs so it will look like the P3 is off, but it’s still feeding regenerated power to your gear.

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I like the idea of allowing the outlets to be live when the P3 is put in standby. It would be a great way to make evaluations.

Would this be a do-able design change of future power plants and retrofit for current units?

Think I would prefer it to remain turning everything off
I can already hear the improvements made very clearly in the context of my system.