Help with my new directstream dac , no cover art on display

Hi friend. I am happy with my new directstream dac cme with brige ll preinstaled and snowmas 3.05 sound great , but my only issue is not covert art on the display , how can do to see cover art on display? I read about put the sd card on the slot of dsd dac , this will be resolve the problem? The sd card that ps audio send with the dac can’t be use on this or other new blank as card ? Let me now about , thanks alfredo

Yes. Insert an SD card, gold pins facing up. Either the card that came with the DS or a blank card is fine. Smaller capacity cards work best.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

It is good to hear from you, Alfredo! It ha been a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I am very happy with the sound of the directstream dac my next step will be the m700 monoblock. :slight_smile:

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