Help with P20

That sort of flies in the face of the explanation I was given why my DMP arrived DOA. I was told the firmware must have been corrupted between when it left the factory and when it arrived.

And as for stuff leaving the factory in perfect condition, I heard on the grapevine that a brand new BHK power amp was opened at a dealer recently and they found the blue PS logo standby switch hadn’t even been installed. I mean, how did that escape the final inspection at the factory?

All very odd.

And as for that BHK 250 that shipped with a BHK 300 face plate on it…“Boulder, you have a problem”

I wish to state that I received a great deal of support and care from the team at PS Audio and we are on our way to solving the situation. Thank you to all who offered help here.


PSA has top notch customer service. Anything mechanical is subject to break somewhere in its chain. Working in the telecommunications industry for almost 38 years I can tell you that equipment leaving a warehouse in perfect condition and well packed that it could survive an explosion shows up DOA.

Extreme temperature changes can sometimes be the culprit. For instance, if UPS/FedEx delivers you piece of equipment in the dead of winter and you unpack it and turn it on it could do damage the unit. I typically wait until the next day to install.

Please keep us posted on what the issue is and how it was resolved.

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