Hi all! And question

Hi all! I’v been on this forum before but been away from hi-fi for a while. I’m Bruno from Belgium and i have a question for Bryston users. I have a secondhand Bryston bda 3.14 streamer/dac and happy with it. But… Since a few days when i try to connect to there webpage my browser tells me thé site is corrupted and not save. So it just don’t open. I can play Roon becorse the machine was set to do so before troubles started. But to protect my privacy it just won’t open. Not in chrome of other browsers and not on cell phone,tablet nor pc.
Antoine had this experience before?
Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad English.

Not sure if the problem is with the browsers your tried since all of them failed, but you might give the BRAVE browser a try. It seems to work better than others with some websites:

I have three differend browsers without succes but i’ll try! Thanks.
It is not that my IP is wrong nor is there something wrong witch the machine. Strange…
I will look at the browser straight away.

I installed the browser. Same message ‘site not secured’. Don’t go there it is not save. Open for cyber criminals.

I own a Bryston BDP-3. On very rare occasions I can count on one hand, I’ve lost connectivity to the player webpage. Can’t tell you why. But when this has occurred in the past, I’ve power cycled my BDP to force a hard reboot of the OS and, to initiate fresh network discovery, my router too. Have been able to clear the problem every time. This is, btw, a PS Audio dedicated site. For Bryston hardware questions, you should really be looking at Bryston’s industry circle site at audiocircle. It’s a clearing house of everything Bryston related and is where I go for questions and issues with my Bryston digital products.
Bryston Limited (audiocircle.com)

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll try thé audiocircle Page.
Been here before becorse i alsof have owned a Directstream some time ago and all you members here are very helpfull.


O and pulling thé Bryston out off thé socket, wait ten minuten, turn thé router off,again waiting . Turn turn the Bryston on followed nu thé router. Don that already.no result. I’m not a technician but it’s a mystery to me.

Brave uses webkit as the browser engine, so it really wont be any different than using Chrome

@dion1910 my best guess (sorry, I dont have any of their gear) would be to do a factory reset. It seems to me that either the built in webserver they use to serve up their config page, or the config page itself has somehow corrupted.

Figure out how rondom a reset. Bryston manuals are sh.t.

No luck so far. Email to Bryston few days ago but no replay…

Sorry to hear that Bruno - I hope they respond soon. Are there any Bryston-centric forums to ask on?

AudioCircle has a dedicated Bryston subforum.


Been there to look at sumilar problems. Nothing so far. I will try to post my question there.
The thing is. i bought the bryston to stop my roon subscription. Sound via manic moos i better imho.