Hi-Fi Sound System + Guitar rig via Audio Interface-all in one system, possible?

Hi PS Audio Family, new member here. First of all, thank you so much for having me in your group. I can’t wait to share my journey into the audiophile world with you guys.

Any audiophiles/guitarists/musicians I would love to have your input on this.

I am trying to create a Hi-Fi audio set up + Guitar playing set up all in one rig. I know it sounds crazy but bear with me. Due to budget and primarily due to lack of space (live in a small 28 square meter studio apartment) unfortunately I cannot have two separate rigs, one for Hi-Fi enjoyment and one for guitar recording/jamming.

So here is what I thought. I can have a Hi-Fi rig which can consist of passive speakers (probably LS50s) connected to an integrated amp (PS Audio Sprout 100). From Audio Sprout phono connected to a record player and another line (USB out) to my computer which I can stream music (Tidal). That will be my Hi-Fi set up.

My guitar rig set up will be my guitar connected through a Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface unit to the computer via USB and using a guitar amp simulation software (Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Neural DSP etc) I will be able to play and get audio signal via USB out to the PS Audio Sprout and out to the speakers.


I told someone my idea at a Hi-Fi audio store, firstly he was confused as to what an audio interface unit and Amplitube or DAW software are, and secondly he was quite adamant that a guitar connected to a hi-fi system will damage the speakers.

So, reaching out to all musicians/guitarists in the Forum that have tried or have such a set up, is my idea possible? Am I risking damaging my H-Fi audio set up? If yes, what is the alternative route for an all in one solution, if there is such a thing?

Pls accept my apologies if my question sounds stupid I am new to this and trying to learn.

Thanks you kindly in advance.

You absolutely can do this. I have connected synthesizers to audio systems in the past and it works just fine.

However, you need to be very careful when playing the guitar into the system. The guitar has a tremendous dynamic range. You need to be careful to set the volume to the lowest setting you can while still enjoying playing. Otherwise a sudden power chord and you can blow a tweeter or two, etc.

For this reason I suggest running the guitar through a compressor (either hardware or software) before the signal goes into your system. It will make your playing sound better, too. :slight_smile:

Have fun!

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The thing is that my guitar will not be connected straight to the amp. It will be connected to an Audio Interface which will take the electrical signal from the guitar pre-amplify it then that signal gets converted from analogue to digital (A/D) to a stream of ones and zeroes that travels through the USB or Thunderbolt cable into your computer. This data is then sent to your DAW or other recording software, where it gets recorded and/or processed with effects.

Almost simultaneously, the now-digitized audio that originated from your guitar — along with any other tracks you’ve already recorded for the song — get sent back from the computer to the audio interface over the USB cable, where it goes through an opposite quick change, carried out by a digital-to-analog (“D/A”) converter, which turns it back to an equivalent analog electrical signal. That signal is now available at the interface’s line outputs to feed your amp that will amplify it and send it to the connected speakers.

So that signal, is it still dangerous you reckon for the Hi-Fi monitors, especially the tweeters?

I know for instance, Abbey Road Studios use B&W 800 Series speakers for mastering. I am sure they have a reason, right?

The dynamic range of the guitar remains the same. It appears you can run the guitar input through your DAW. If so, just add some compression there.

I see your point. I currently use Edifer speakers through an amp that is connected to my computer and the guitar sound awesome. I have this set up for years and the Edifiers are still intact. I’d like to think some B&Ws or KEF LS50s will be able to perform even better. At the end of the day I never play loud since I live in an apartment, so I am restrained.

You absolutely can do it and the sound would be great.

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