Rose RS130

No pricing yet but looks like another option in a crowded market.


A “crowded market”? Hardly! This is the only streamer I know of that shows cover art and track information large enough to truly enjoy it from across the room (along with the new Eversolo but I haven’t got any info on how it and other Chinese no-name brands actually perform).

When it comes to streamers, in my house, aesthetics and information are as important to the listening experience as sound. Add Dirac and finally I’ve got my perfect digital source.

Large enough to read I guess is person to person. But yes I love the big screen. It’s a very crowded market. Check out the A6 thread. Not sure if screw. Is big enough to read for some. Inlike room dark when into listening. I use iPad to see what is playing.

Too funny. As I left this thread, someone posted you have to be 6’ away to read the A6. So there is your answer on that one.

I wanted a big screen, its cool, but in the end I am going to look at the iPad.

Subjective indeed, but my standard isn’t “I can barely read it if I squint” – rather, a streamer should contribute to the ambiance of my listening room like any other attractive piece of gear, for everybody to enjoy. Because why not? Never did understand the small screens, and can only assume it’s because manufacturers just haven’t gotten around to designing them yet. Fair enough, SQ and functionality first.

But again, that’s just me. Thanks for pointing me towards the Eversolo thread, read through it but still not much of a streamer-sonics breakdown. And I still don’t see much of the “crowded field” you referred to either, at least not in terms of big, beautiful screens.

No not with screens the size the unit itself, a Rose trademark. But many have nice screens. I am talking streamers as a whole. Every day a new one comes out. Funny that you said Dirac, the G2.2 from Aurlic has built in Direct. Not as big a screen and probably costs 2x much, but that is where I think the market is moving too. Digital room correction before the DAC.

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This is the one I’d look at. No DAC, a pure streamer. If I’m going to spend money, I want it to be spent fully on only what I need. If it’s half the price of a Lumin U2 and almost as good, it’ll sell like gangbusters… and frankly the AL will be all but dead. Sorry to utter such a thing, but I think that might be the case.


There’s a reason pretty much every smartphone these days is “all screen,” and I hope Rose is the vanguard of the same trend in streamers.

I did note that Dirac is coming to Auralic, in fact, and if they had bigger screens (or hell, if they even filled the screen they have with cover art rather than sharing the space with touch-screen buttons) I’d be first on the waiting list. With regards to onboard DSP, I hope Auralic too is in the vanguard, and perhaps one day these two positive trends in streamers will converge.

Meantime, I’ll probably end up with a Rose feeding into a MiniDSP doohickey for Dirac (I use an SHD Studio now, but I don’t like the utilitarian looks or the janky Volumio software and connectivity issues).

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I use roon convolution filter myself for room correction.

I got the RS150B. Love it.

The RS130 hasn’t been released yet, but according to the following post from one of their dealers it’s expected to retail at $10K. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… please don’t shoot the messenger!

I’d take that as a reliable estimate. That’s Mike Bovaird who owns a high end shop down in Sarasota.

The Lumin U2 with a retail of $5K and several rave reviews is looking even more appealing now.

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I dont get that. Why is the stream only more than one that has a DAC built in? The G2.2 that comes with Dirac is half that as well. I do not see that thing selling at that price.

Because it can be.


At that expected price or anything close to it I would stick to one of the companies who have been innovators in this area for years and not a new kid on the block.

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RS130 is 5,200,000 won in Korea. With the conversion rate of 1300 won to $, it costs close to $4000. The final cost will be determined after added import fee and dealer fee.

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That makes more sense. $5k seems to be the sweet spot where higher end streamers only seem to be landing. G2.2, U2, etc… I could see $6k due to the larger touch screen…but anything more than that its getting over prices. IMO

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RS130 , £4299.00. including VAT from Henley Audio in the UK.or $5,400. HiFi Rose RS130 Network Streaming Transport
Audio Destination in the UK for £3,582.50 Ex Vat or $4,477

This price it is directly compete with Lumin U2. But with a I2S output is a plus.

Wow really expensive for a streamer only. Isn’t that more expensive than the 250 and 150? What’s different? The Aurender has Dirac. To me that is more important than big screen. I think the 150 does have spf input too.