High Definition Tape Transfer

Yes, makes absolute sense. With classical music there’s just the inner groove distortion topic adding to the whole discussion…this so far was a big plus for the tapes, even if from dubs.

Transferred in Pure DSD256 from the original Desmar master tape, recorded by Bob Auger in 1975. Excellent full orchestra sound. HERE

John Haley writes in the liner notes:

There is something truly fitting, and moving, about the pairing of an aged but still formidable conductor, in the still-glowing twilight of his career, with one of the final works of a composer who was his friend and colleague decades before, who had entrusted him with the premiere of his final symphony. The result is a dynamic performance of a magnificent work, full of fire, grace and palpable beauty, extremely well-captured by the microphones, that strips away the years.


New arrival:

Ripping to my archives now…


Most of us will never have heard Lush Life sound this terrifically good. It’s alive! And ever so natural sounding.

From a 15ips 2-track tape. HERE


I really like this album, I feel unexplained forces making me purchase it.


New release today from HDTT’s new VRR series of transfers from LP. It sounds amazing and sets a very promising standard for what we might expect in the months to come. More information and download HERE. Not mentioned in the web page notes is that this is a transfer from a London “Blueback” LP, so very early vintage release as the source. I wish all of my Bluebacks had sounded this good!

IMO, this is the greatest recording of the Rodrigo Concerto for Guitar that we have. Just an amazing performance by Narciso Yepes and orchestra.

Article about these new LP transfers now posted here.


Saw this today - 15% Sale on all music - don’t know how long it will last


Do you know how it compares to John Williams playing it? That’s the only recording of it I know.

John Williams (with Barenboim) is great! But Narciso Yepes with Argenta has that special Spanish flair, a special piquancy the Williams/Barenboim just don’t quite create.


Thanks. I’m going to take advantage of the sale (again)!

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I’ve now posted a full article about this new LP transfer series that HDTT has launched. If you’re interested, you’ll find it here:

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New Release announced today - I’ll give it a listen later tonight.


A wonderful document of how Stravinsky heard his own composition. While I think other conductors may have done better by this work than the composer-as-conductor, this is a “must have” recording for one’s music library. Just consider it essential listening. The Columbia Symphony Orchestra provides excellent support to the overall performance. Transferred from a 15ips 2-track tape, the HDTT DSD256/DXD release delivers by far the best sonics of any release of this recording that I’ve heard. No extraneous noise – just highly detailed, very clean, very clear sonics with excellent dynamics and very full frequency extension in both bass and treble. Columbia’s spot mikes on the orchestral drum surely pay off here! I do not believe you can find a more rewarding release of this performance than this HDTT transfer. Superb job!

Where did the notion for this cover come from???


From a 15ips 2-track in a Pure DSD256 transfer. Released this week by HDTT. More information and download here.

Later Update: I’ve now had a chance to compare this release to several others in my library. None come close to the superb sound quality of this HDTT transfer in Pure DSD. Many sound processed and dithered with (like the 192kHz Acoustic Sounds release), others are just bad digital. This release is a Redux series release from HDTT. There was an earlier DXD release around 2016, but this new release applies improvements in their equipment and processing for significantly improved sound. I’ve listened to both the earlier release and this, and there is no contest. This new Pure DSD transfer is very much superior in transparency, instrumental timbre and overall naturalness of sound. (The original seems to have been transferred at a bit higher gain setting which can be misleading as to which sounds better. Just take that into account in making your own comparison.)


I’ve really been enjoying listening to Joe Policastro - Vibes Quartet IPI
HDTT12154 with my new speakers. I posted when I first purchased the DSD256, but finally had some time to listen to music. Sound quality is clean and 3-dimensional and the music is very nice.


These dynamic performances of the Prokofiev concertos help one understand why Ruggerio Ricci was considered a lion of his generation. There is power, drive and sinewy strength in these performances. These are not “pretty” renditions, they have grit. And what a pleasure to hear in these superb transfers to DSD256!

And, yes, this is another release in HDTT’s Vinyl Record Restoration series. It’s a needle drop, folks! From an original London Blueback LP. But don’t let that deter you. It sounds great. And it sounds like a 1958 London Blueback, which is not shabby by anyone’s standards when played on a good vinyl system.

If you’ve been a skeptic about these LP transfers that HDTT is now releasing, this most recent release is one to challenge that skepticism. This Mercury album from 1962 has long been a favorite of mine. Schoenberg, Webern and Berg may not be your cup of tea, but the orchestral playing by Dorati and the LSO is top notch, and Bob Fine was at the top of his game capturing all of this in classic Living Presence sonics.

And in this digital capture from an original Mercury Living Presence LP, Bob Witrak has captured the sonics with all the color, presence, detail and dynamics that one might hope for. It is a gorgeous new reissue of a classic recording.

More information and download here.

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HDTT is having their Mid-Year sale starting today:


Released today in stunningly good sound quality. I’ve been listening to this most of the morning and comparing it to some alternative releases in my music library: the CD and two different LP rips. This Pure DSD256 transfer from HDTT just trounces the other digital versions I have.

And the music? This is what turned the jazz world on it’s collective ear in 1961. Coltrane unleashed! Many people had no idea what to think of it or how to react to it. Today, it still sounds fresh, innovative and hard driving. Some might say “hard to take.” I think it’s great stuff, marvelously performed.


In keeping with efforts to list as many of the excellent HDTT releases in this thread as possible…

New release today. Sourced from a 15ips 2-track tape. Giving it a first listen now. Here.

I’m liking this release quite a lot. The sound is very clean, very open, and very detailed, with great weight and impact from both piano and orchestra. This is excellent full orchestral sound from the great Chicago Symphony Orchestra in its prime. The piano is spotlighted (as tended to happen in this era of recordings), but otherwise all is very much RCA Living Stereo excellence under the judicious oversight of producer Richard Mohr.

The release may sound a bit “sharpish” in the top end, but the clarity is indisputable. Don’t expect it to sound like a Shaded Dog LP, it doesn’t. But It does sound like an excellent 15ips tape with all the characteristic differences of R2R tape versus vinyl. I don’t have another digital release of this album against which to compare this high resolution DXD/DSD256 transfer from tape, but the usual excellence we’ve come to expect of HDTT’s releases is fully evident here.