'High-end' Cable Lifters...cheap

these have been mentioned elsewhere, but what a deal, about $7 for 20

20 rebar lifters from Home Depot repurposed as cable lifters

and, my speaker cable snaps right in


Notice a change?

Letting them burn in (no power) a couple days; expect nothing

do expect no difference in performance from these, $150 for 8…or verses those even pricier

FWIW. I have been using the cheap rebar lifters for years. Only complaint is that they easily fall over when bothered. Have not tried others because I have not found any sonic difference with cables on or off the floor, and I am too lazy to audition passive components.


I’ve used these for a long while. I like the look and they are stable and are part of the Compotely Ensign MarkV Collection. I ran them in by placing nuts, sauces, chips and candy in them including Atomic Fireballs and various Norwegian taco salad sauces. It took a bit to figure out that the exclusive support extensions point away from the floor. The manual was a bit unclear. I could tell right away this was going to be a hot upgrade, even better after about 367 hours, although they claim they come opened up.


I believe those also come in granite which besides being natural and neutral, have a certain heft to them. Also great for making Scandinavian (and other) guacamole.

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