Holo Red impressions

From what I’ve read, make sure you haven’t anything plugged into the USB-IN because that will lock the RED into DDC mode. You will no longer be streaming over ethernet.

“When the USB-IN is effectively connected, the USB DDC will be connected to the USB-IN and disconnected from
the USB processor; I²S, COAX-1, COAX-2, OPT, AES will simultaneously output the audio signal from the USB-IN.”

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I don’t have anything plugged into the USB-IN connection on the Holo Red.

Thank you.

At the risk of getting into yet another cable debate Ill attempt to clarify.
I also think cables are important. I just dont think they are as important with a streamer vs. other components. Certainly I dont see them making such a difference where Scotte1 suddenly thinks his Holo sounds different. Ill agree there are many on this board who have better hearing than I BUT not good enough to hear a cable make much of a difference in a streamer.
But such comments will stimulate a cable debate so Ill close by saying my hearing is not in the league of some on this board like VMAX or dchang05. Im envious of their sensory abilities but also wonder if it may be as much a curse than a blessing.
Thanks to all that keep me checking this community daily now

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For sure it is a curse! I could have saved a lot of money if I heard less a difference from my first “audiopile power cord” :open_mouth:


good question i should try it. All the reviews say it makes a big difference

And just to be clear, nothing I posted in this thread was meant to imply the quality of a power cable or I2S cable in my system was responsible for the initial, nearly dreadful, sound of the Holo Red when I was fumbling around with its installation in my system.

That said, I did manage to make the Pre-Emphasis feature/flag (whatever it is/does) go away in concert with a return to great sound rivaling, if not bettering, that of the Bridge II Ethernet card - and can’t help but wonder if the jiggling around with the I2S cables and switching them up in terms of which is plugged into which DS DAC input might have solved the problem.

On the other hand, maybe the Red’s OS was out of sorts an no longer is.

I may never know what actually solved the initial problems with Red. I am just glad I got it sorted (and hope the muddiness does not return).

[Addendum: The above notwithstanding, I do not believe the quality and design of cables are immaterial.]



Curious to know if you swap back to I2S-1 will the flag come back and if so what is wired different between the two. If there is a difference then your accidental discovery will help a couple of others.

I was afraid someone would mention this/point this out.

I will likely give it a go, but right now I am kind of afraid to mess with the good Mojo.


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Ja, time to enjoy some music now!

I’d guess the I2S cable now in use doesn’t have the extra wire that carries the Pre-emphasis bit, whereas the original cable did :slight_smile:

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That is very possible, and if true, it will be very useful information for users to know this phenomenon exists.

I will swap the I2S cables and report back, soonest.


Looking for „dedicated“ I2S cables that don‘t connect all pins of the HDMI connector would indeed be an elegant solution. The pink faun is a bit over the top for me with its 950€, but does anybody know of more moderate options?

IF that is indeed the issue…

FWIW, like most higher-priced kit, I purchased the Pink faun Interlink HDMI cable on the used market (from a fellow forum denizen, if I recall correctly).

You can really stretch your budget if you have an acquisition plan and the patience to wait for your target to pop up on the used market.

Food for thought.


That‘s exactly the point: my plan is to upgrade to Mk2 in as soon as possible, and there seems to be a high likelihood that I connect it via USB, not I2S. Until then it would be nice to get the most out of the Mk1, but only at reasonable cost.

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My plans have plans.


Mine too…


It might be due to an obvious lack of experience, or the tracks I selected, but AirPlay feels less impressive than wired Roon/Qobuz to me with the Red. YMMV

Vince is a people person.

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The most unlucky shipment. Stopped in Hong Kong and now in New York.

That sucks, Brian! Sorry mate.