Holy moly, Audience line conditioner is blowing my mind

I was quoting somebody else’s comments. I thought I made that clear.

You were curious and interested in a comparison, so I reposted this shootout.

I think you should delete your inflammatory and inaccurate post.

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Look at this guys first post.

He’s making it seem like he tried this conditioner, out of the blue - saying, “its blowing my mind”…also saying he, “hears it’s better sounding than a ps audio regenerator”.

All along hes a distributer for this product. He even says so in one of his later posts. “Caveat: I am a dealer for Audience products and would be happy to let you borrow my unit to try if you end up buying from me.”

It was clear it was somebody’s else. He did not deserve the inflammatory comments.

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What does somebody’s else mean? It is NOT clear to me.

Obviously English is not your first language.

I purchased a used Audience power conditioner, which I posted a picture of, along with the short review. You showed interest in a comparison between the PS audio regenerator and the Audience line conditioner, which is why when I came across SOMEONE else who actually made that comparison, I thought I’d share it with you.
I made it quite clear that this was a quote based on someone else’s personal opinion. I also posted a link to the thread. I am not a dealer for Audience, stop spreading lies.

You will have to point it out to me in Gary’s first post, and/or subsequent posts that follow on, where Gary categorically states he is associated with ‘Audience line conditioners’!

What I get from reading his posts is boundless enthusiasm for the product, and because of said enthusiasm and excitement, you assume he is a dealer.

Gary has been member, comes across as a good guy, on this forum for a couple of years. There was no need to be aggressive towards him for saying what he said. It is only his opinion.

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Does seem a bit suspicious, especially since he says he’s a dealer. If all that’s true his post here is unwelcome.

It is clearly stated, he was quoting someone else. He never claimed to be a dealer.

Paul I hope you’re not insinuating that I’m a dealer for Audience, I’m not. This is getting totally out of hand. I merely reposted a comment from a different website where someone else made a comparison. It was a comparison that mr-ryan-eickmeyer was interested in.

All of that is understandable, but I’ve always had the impression that this was a very open forum, where people shared their enthusiasm for all things audio. This certainly isn’t the first time someone has shared their experience or enthusiasm for another product other than PS audio. I certainly wasn’t bashing PS Audio in any way.

I must say I’m a little disappointed that mr-ryan-eickmeyer inflammatory comments and lies were not met with any resistance by a moderator.

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Mods do not magically know what the truth may be. :slight_smile:

It is up to users to set the record straight if you believe something is untrue.

Given you made clear you could not afford a PowerPlant a review of a much more affordable item appears acceptable.

I am disappointed with the various forms of immediate piling on we witnessed on both sides.

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I don’t believe I piled on anyone. I tried as articulately as possible to explain that I was reposting comments from another reviewer, and I did it with the intention of helping another forum member, mr-ryan-eickmeyer, who then comes out and accuses me of deceitful and underhanded practices, and claims I’m a dealer which I am not.

I’m sorry this whole thing has gotten so out of hand.

I’ve read this exchange impartially and Gary is totally in the right imo. He clearly stated the comparison was a quote from another forum and put the whole section within quotations, included the last sentence in which the reviewer admitted to being an Audience dealer. For some reason Ryan doesn’t appear to be willing to re-read that post and admit he misinterpreted it. And I don’t blame Gary at all for continuing to defend himself.

Regards, Mike.


Wow, this got out of hand…

This is why we cant trust edited comments. Gary has edited all of his comments and now his edited comments are being read as gospel.

I apologize for my previous ‘polished turd’ comment and i will delete it.

Everyone buy whatever products they want.

Ryan, Gary has even added the link to the original article from “What’s Best” forum which shows it was clearly written by someone else, and you still bash him!

The reason I went back and edited was to hopefully make things more clear. The facts remain the same. I’m not a dealer, those were not my comments, and the only reason I posted that review was to help you, because you were interested in the comparison.

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Great, lets just move on…we’re talking about a power conditioner after all…not world hunger.

Sorry this got so heated.

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Oh, ok, then. Sorry. I was just responding to what had been said and should have been more careful. Good to hear that. Thanks for the clarification.


Oh, I don’t mind at all that a customer posts such a thing as apparently he did. That’s just fine. I guess I misunderstood and somehow got the impression he was a dealer, which apparently he is not. My bad. Other opinions on other products are welcome here.


Sorry I got you involved in this Paul.