Holy moly, Audience line conditioner is blowing my mind

Inakustik is great company with many good products but that p3500 wasn’t for me. So far not a single line conditioner or filter I have tried didn’t make it,so no surprise there.

Try it if you can,some people say it is very good.

Audio is subjective at the best of times.

Having owned two conditioners and a regenerator, my impression with these products is that their benefits are VERY system dependent and some manufacturers recommend that they not be used at all.

You then have massive differences in quality of power supply, voltage and wiring. In the UK we have 240v and use ring mains, which I understand is illegal in the USA, hence all appliances are fused and we use 3-pin plugs (live, neutral, ground). My mains voltage is ±0.5v, but my integrated unit is largely indifferent, accepting anything from 50v to 270v at 40Hz to 70Hz and surge-protected.

I have the P15 which is great. See what you think about it

I have never heard or even seen any of powerplants in use ,so can´t comment. What did it do to your sound ?

I am still keeping my door open for trying out one,or even AQ Niagara 5000 etc.

AQ Niagara 5000 in the house with some AQ power cables to play with and against my full loom of Cerious Technologies Matrix cables. Dealer had only Thunder c19 cable long enough for my needs to connect to Niagara but I can play with Thunder,Tornado and Hurricane to everything else. Lets see how this turns out… I can already say that Niagara 5000 is many times better than Inakustik P3500 I had for trial before. Maybe ten times or so… :grin: next I start to play with power cables from Niagara to my gear,need to adjust my ears to this new sound first. If those Aq´s are any good…hmm

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