Just for kicks and grins I thought I’d ask. Any other homebrewers on the forum? There are few things I enjoy more on a Friday evening than sitting down with a homebrew in front of the stereo. Perfect way to unwind after a work week.

I did it 20 (shoot, more like nearly 25!) years ago before I had kids. Had glass carboys and 100’s of bottles and all the stuff. Too messy with little kids around.

My kids are older, but now so am I.

Once all the really good IPAs started coming out I felt less of a need to make it. Gave all my stuff away.


I have homebrewed off and on since 1977.

Oh, that was the year before homebrewing was legalized. Sure hope the statute of limitations has expired!

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For me it’s been over 30 years. Tomorrow will be batch 707. I’ve been an all grain brewer for most of the time and batches. The most fun ones I’ve done is brewing for two nieces weddings.

I think that brew will really take off.

Old Fuselage Ale

Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy Paperback Dave Line

The first beer book I ever bought!

Like others, I brewed for years, and then when great local and regional beers came on the scene I passed all my equipment on to my son, who brewed for a decade or so. Nowadays I stick to wine, unless the occasional great and fresh Belgian beer makes it my way.

I’ve been designing and building my own “homebrew” loudspeakers for years now. :yum:

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Dave Line? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that book before and I have close to 50 books on homebrewing, making your own equipment and recipes.

Charlie Papazian — The complete Joy of Homebrewing: “Listen to your beer”!

I bought it in 1977, but I think it was written in the mid 1960s. He’s from England.

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I miss Charlie now that he’s retired.

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