Left Behind From RMAF...


…lonely, unwanted, under appreciated. Alas…

Last minute decision. Bummer. That means I do not get to answer the same inane questions 200 times a day. I will be there in spirit as my cables are going (well, they arrived Wednesday).

Instead, it is the Pleasure Island Buddy Guy Seafood Festival Saturday.

I will miss my Forum buddies. Steven R isn’t going so there is that. Think of the $$$ I will save on Single Malt Scotch!


:(( Bummer.


I saw Bob at the show and asked for you. He explained why you could not be there. Hopefully someday we will get to say Hi in person.

BTW Paul, great to meet you at last.


Wait, Paul is real? I thought he was like the Quaker Oats guy…


Yes! He’s real, and a nice fellow to boot.


Give that nice fellow a boot! Thanks.