Papa's lemon pasta

Hey Paul, how about posting some of your recipes? I am especially interested in “Papa’s lemon pasta” you spoke about in a recent video. C’mon…give it up!


Oh cool. Lemon pasta. I was worried for a moment there you were starting another discussion about the other sort of lemon.

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@brodric The axe grinding continues… This was a completely juvenile, unnecessary post on your part that is in direct opposition of any argument you state that your sharing of experiences are for the betterment of the PS Audio community. While you hypocritically shun “Superfans,” you are in essence doing exactly what a Superfan does, but of the opposite.

I would like to think your evangelical rantings have substance, but it is episodes such as this that keep eroding away my attempts to believe your intentions are in fact, noble.


Just expressing my relief the topic is discussing lemon in the context of something new and refreshing, as a twist of lemon in my tonic and gin is refreshing (but not new). Without the risk of anybody stoking the fire with petrol. Oh well, the stoking the fire risk proved to be overly optimistic.

Ha! Clearly @Brodric , if your Gin & Tonic needs a twist of lemon, I suggest you source better Gin & Tonic.


The quality of the Gin is far less important than the volume. As it turns out, in my mixology cupboard both the quality and the volume is sufficient. The lemon tree is in my back garden: at least those lemons are useful for something.

I respectfully disagree sir. But then again, I’m a commercial distiller that happens to take Gin quality VERY seriously. Bombay? Certainly a surprise for a man with such discerning tastes (i.e. Magico, Esoteric…).

Remember, I’m poor. And I get that Gin cheap. $36 AUD for 1L bottle at airport duty free price. Minus 50% discount with my aircrew pass. And Royal Caribbean will be filling my hollow sea legs with it in the Pinnacle Club for the next 4 days. Heck, they’ll even fill me with lemon pasta if I ask for it. Happy days.

Nice tap dance there! But hey, if you like Bombay… great! Just man up about it. My opinion of your Gin preference matters nothing to you. I simply expressed my surprise based on your pictorial offering. No need to “explain.” I often ask myself if I would rather just do without. Enjoy!

It is so obvious that you took another opportunity to stab at PS Audio and Paul. Your explanation quoted above is so disingenuous that it is embarrassing for you to have typed it in.


Geee, the Superfans get easily upset. I’ve got a tree full of lemons at home. Citrus season just started.

Sometimes humour is hard to detect (especially for the humourless), to me the title of this thread indeed has an ironical flavour about it. Why (in case you are wondering)? Since lemons had been discussed very recently in another thread and Paul himself had been quoted there talking about lemons. Now it turns out, he has even a legendary lemon pasta recipe in his possession. Never mind, I’m just being childish :innocent:

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@Paul In honor of the OP, please divulge this mystical recipe.

The thread title itself and the opening post COULD be meant as irony (do I have to explain, why?)… intentionally humorous … could that be a possibility… so why not react with irony?

Anyway, I think Paul should post his recipe now to calm things down. :neutral_face:

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That is an easy question to answer. Spectrum of the Seas is boarding at 1.30PM. I’ll ask the Chef to whip up enough Lemon pasta for all the Superfans. Vegetarian, of course.

I’ll pass on the pasta feast. I’m heading straight to the flowrider.

Probably best. Because any 'ol lemon pasta recipe won’t suffice. And with my newly found understanding of your culinary preferences my friend (see above), I’ll patiently await “Papa’s” recipe. No offense amigo. :grin:

Man, that FlowRider looks hella fun.

Fun, yeah. But not when you break your ankle on it, like I did last time. No need to worry, the hospital on these ships is totally amazing. They’ve got everything except for the MRI machine.

Well, damn! That is no way to experience a fun filled cruise. I’ll take your word on the medical facilities/capabilities onboard luxury cruise liners as I have FORTUNATELY never had to call upon those services while traveling at sea. Life threatening altitude sickness in the small village town of Juliaca, Peru… That is another story…

Good night folks… Off to bed to dream about lemon pasta with the hopes of awakening to Papa’s recipe in this entertaining thread come morning time (Pacific Standard Time).

No Papa’s lemon pasta for me. Unnecessarily takes up space where succulent pork chop wrapped in crispy bacon should be. The ship is home porting in Shanghai so the pork chops will be outstanding.

I’ll be setting up camp here should anybody need me for anything.