How about concert photos?


We’ll keep everything shut that would urge to do so! :speak_no_evil:


Harry Connick Jr at the Wolftrap on June 14th. If he comes through your town, it’s a highly recommended show.


That’s curious. I have a thin body 90 T-E that I love. Leica recalibrated and refurbished it. I had an a7r for long range and I found it worked well on it. After I got an M10 my son took the 90 T-E so I sold my largely unused 135/f1.4 and bought a 90/f2. My walkabouts are 50/f1.4 ASPH and 35/f2 on M7 and M10. I rarely take pictures at shows, my wife does with her phone.


Billy Harper, David Weiss, Eddie Henderson, Donald Harrison
Kodak 400 pulled 2 stops, M7, 90/f2 ASPH


Harpa Reykjavik
Astonishing acoustics, including reverberation chamber that encloses the auditorium


Great gear! Just didn’t get what you’re curious about…
I possibly start a „we also love photography“ thread…maybe there are a few with such interest as there are for cars and watches…

and great guys playing there on your picture…


Frankie Hayward, Royal Ballet, her first Giselle. Drop dead gorgeous.


To be honest, it was the best jazz performance I’ve ever heard. Also took 4 rolls.

Curious another 90 T-E user. Mine cost $400 on eBay. Also works great on Sony and Fuji. One owner from new. Ideal for gigs.


This was with Ilford 3200 film. 90/f2 again.
A chap called Essiet Ikon Essiet from NYC.


Yes, when I have my 85/1.4GM I’ll probably mainly use the T-E on travel when I have little space to carry things. It’s such a great lens for its size and cheap to get. With just the Voigtlander Ultron 35/1.7 and this one (which are of similar small size) in the pocket and the option to use them also in crop mode with the 42MP sensor, it’s possible to cover a range from 35 over 50 and 90 to 135mm in fantastic quality. With the M6 I’d use the old Lux 35/1.4 and the T-E in such cases. But that’s stuff for a different new thread :wink:


I bought my son a Bessa and 35/2.5 Skopar. The latter is a superb pancake lens from V. Bought them at AV Camera Company Ltd in Bangkok, the most extraordinary camera shop I’ve ever seen with an amazing vintage collection including vast amounts of Leica. Cost about $500 for the two items.


Great show of Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets. Also on behalf of the beautiful Amsterdam Carré Theater the early Floyd music revived old times…


Just a few impressions of my last one this week:


Here is a photo from one of the concerts I have made Doky brothers


Steve Coleman! Not easy, but essential.

Mr. Triceps

The man and the machine…


And after show…easily visible he’s a nice guy.


From the 18th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music in Cremona Italy

This duo-clavichord is unique. Ulrika Davidsson and Joel Speerstra are on the faculty of the University of Gothenburg. Their lecture-recital was on JS Bach’s The Art of Fugue.


Great to see another genre here!
I never saw such a double clavichord before!


Thanks! As far as is known there’s never been another clavichord like it. The performers are organists and the instrument is also used to teach organ keyboard technique.


Neat instrument. Thanks for the photo!

It looks a little like an instrument I built, I called a dulspinet, which was three Appalachian dulcimer fret boards in a cabinet with a couple of dozen sympathetic strings.


That’s very cool. Did the multiple fretboards extend the pitch range or were they more for additional performers?

I remember when hammer dulcimers were considered really transgressive for a time. New Englanders having no business moving south.