How do I continue to upgrade from my sprout 100

That’s a bummer. Although I did hear a positive change with the schiit modi that I’m running into my sprout100, I’m now really curious to see what these changes sound like though a fully analogue amp. Any you could recommend?

Hey thank you David!

My plan was to use the sprout as a preamp. I don’t have any experience with a separate pre amps so I wouldn’t know where to start. Although I do like to tinker with the equipment and purchase the small separates that I can easily afford, so I might just look for a full analogue integrated amp. I don’t want to run into the same issue as the sprout, which is that all the inputs are run through the dac. I like the idea of being able to upgrade equipment over a long period of time.

In regards to the trade in program, I definitely see myself using this at some point but as for now I will probably keep my sprout100. I love this little guy so I’ll probably have to by something out right. Ouch.

Thank you for your recommendations!!

The Schiit Ragnarok 2 ($1499) and Rega Elex-R ($1695) are outside of your specified budget, but if you sold the Sprout100 you’d be in the ballpark of what you want to spend.

I replaced my B&Ws with a pair of Focal 1008 Be’s. Can be found used for $3000 fairly easily if you watch the market you can get them even cheaper. I practically stole mine for $1500 for the pair. I think the place just wanted them gone. I didn’t look back they sound so awesome and would look good in your room. Musical fidelity makes some nice no nonsense integrated amps that can be had sub $1000.

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Regarding a DAC-less integrated amp I use a Luxman 509X, but I believe it is not in your price range. I also use a Hegel 120 that has an integrated DAC. This was purchased for simplicity’s sake for streaming in our den. I have no experience with sub $2,000 integrated amplifiers, so can’t be of much help. If you rock hard the KEF Metas may not be the way to go.

Based on everything said so far, I am sticking with my KEF LS50 recommendation. Used or new, I think you’ll be super happy. One of my workmates has a Sprout 100 and LS50. He’s super happy. He said to me the other day “I am hearing things in recordings that I’ve never heard before”.