Sprout100 audio out/powered speakers

Hello all, first time poster and new Sprout100 user. I am noticing some terrible muffling in my Polk Audio floorstanding speakers. I have tried multiple sources into the Polks prior to getting the Sprout100 and they are just cooked. Cheap from Best Buy years back. Anyhow…I am budgeting for either a vintage pair of ADS 7-800 series or Kef LS50, but in the interim, I have a question…

I have active studio monitors from my recording studio setup. Question would be any issues to use the Audio out RCA->1/4” cables from the sprout into my monitors. I could then get better sounding audio until I can get the new speakers, but wanted to check what this would do to potentially compromise my sound/function of the Sprout.

I am running Vinyl, Digital (via iMac USB digital), Bluetooth for my input sources.

Thanks for any thoughts.

I did some digging on this forum and found the answer to be yes, this works and people have a setup this way. Just wanted to follow up in case anyone else is curious.

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Welcome aboard Matt. Good to know you figured it out.

If I remember correctly Paul, or maybe more correctly Terry, is quite pleased with a Sprout running through LS50s in her home setup.

I just bought one and couldn’t be happier. I’m sure it is more capable than the RSL CG4 I have it playing through but it works well.

Enjoy and let us know your impressions once plugged into which ever pair of speakers you end up with.